Nintendo 3DS: Handheld Game of the Year 2015

It’s almost that time of the year, I’ve taken the opportunity to add some snow and a festive theme to your screen to get in the mood. Let’s move on with our choice of Game of the year 2015! This time it won’t just be a 3DS game of the year, but you will be choosing the Handheld Game of 2015. A handheld game can be a game on the 3DS, on the PS Vita or a mobile game, played on iOS or on Android devices.

After the choice for the PS Vita game a couple of days ago, now it’s time to choose the 3DS game of the year.

2015, game of the year, 3DS

On the 3DS I played most games:

  • Story of Seasons *
  • Puzzle & Dragons
  • Lord of Magna, maiden Heaven
  • Popolocrois, a story of seasons fairytale
  • Happy Home Designer *
  • Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Airou *
  • Chibi Robo Zip Lash
  • Yo-Kai Watch
  • New Style Boutique 2, Fashion Forward
  • Moco Moco Friends

The ones that show an asterix (*) behind the title have been my games of the month, so it’s logical that one of them will be my game of the year. If you own a 3DS I would like to ask you to choose your 3DS game of the year; if a title that gets your points is missing, please add it to the list.


    1. It’s nice when you keep a log like I did with my game of the month, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to keep track. Lord of Magna was a good game, I loved the battles. Just last weekend I finally played the demo of Stella Glow, and that game reminded me a lot of Lord of Magna!

  1. I choose Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight because by far it was the portable game I enjoyed the most besides Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Tri Force Heroes. It’s a remake, sure, but Story Mode prevents it from being a traditional remake, even though I know not everyone in the world is going to enjoy it. I prefer Classic Mode myself, though I’d recommend Story Mode if you don’t want to make up a party of random people or just so you can enjoy a different story. 2016’s lineup of games looks awesome so far! (I’m personally excited for Persona 5 and Zelda Wii U.)

    1. Perfect, thanks for the vote! I too am a fan of the Etrian Odyssey games, but I haven’t gone for this one yet. First I told myself I’d have to finish Milennium Girl before I start a new adventure. But I’ll keep in mind that you heartily recommend this game!

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