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PAKO Caravan Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: PAKO Caravan
Genre: Arcade
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, iOS & Android)
Developers | Publishers: Tree Men Games
Age Rating: EU 3 | US E
Price: US $7.99 | EU €6,99 | UK £6.29
Release Date: March 2nd, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Tree Men Games!

PAKO Caravan was originally released on mobile last year. It’s now been ported over to the Nintendo Switch. Developers TreeMen Games have had a few mobile hits under the PAKO title, all of a similar vein of a car chase. PAKO Caravan is a little different this time, let’s have a look at it.

PAKO Caravan LadiesGamers
pick up the caravans

Pick up Caravans

It’s a pretty simplistic game, you are tasked with collecting cars in a line, much like the classic video game Snake. You control one vehicle around a level of which there are fifteen. Using your little vehicle you drive along and collect caravans which are then pulled along behind the vehicle like a conga line. Forming a long line of caravans may sound simple enough, which it would be if you didn’t have to avoid all the objects littering the levels. You also have to contend with an ever-growing line of vehicles trailing behind you.

PAKO Caravan LadiesGamers

New Elements Added

Each level in PAKO Caravan not only has a different aesthetics but a new element or idea to it which keeps it interesting. Apart from trying to make the longest caravan you also have 10 missions to complete. Such as make a 150 trailer caravan or find the hidden object on the level or pick up letters.

There are lawns to be mowed, teleports to be used, risky jumps, UFOs, laboratory experiments. With specific vehicles to drive on a different level. They all control the same, from a car to a tractor there is lots of variety. With the hundreds of missions to complete you will get plenty of replay out of the game.

PAKO Caravan LadiesGamers
Missions to complete

A Familiar Concept

It’s a familiar concept if you’ve ever played Snake or one of its many clones. However, uniqueness isn’t needed for a quick bit of fun, which is what PAKO Caravan is really designed for. There’s isn’t any depth here, but that’s not a bad thing, it designed for a quick fix. A commute to work or waiting for an appointment, PAKO Caravan would be the perfect time filler. It offers the instant fun of making your caravan as long as possible, but it is equally exciting and challenging for players who want to sink more time into it.

PAKO Caravan LadiesGamers
Mowing the lawn

Visual and Controls

PACO Caravan presents itself with a fun and colourful aesthetic. With vibrant colourful and delightful visuals, that change in each level. The vehicles and the caravans all look like a child wooden play toy, that you would see on a track. Controls are responsive, you use the stick to steer and A to jump and they work as they should.

PAKO Caravan LadiesGamers
Oops, crash and fall off.


PAKO Caravan is an arcade title that is perfect for a quick pick up and play session. A laid back game that is enjoyable and recommended for all ages. The game is free to download on mobile, with a £3.99 price to remove the advertisement and a £1.99 pice to unlock all the levels. The choice is yours whether you feel the £6.29 price point on the Nintendo Switch for a free mobile game is worth it!

Final Verdict: I Like


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