Pre-registration Dragalia Lost ends soon

On September 27 the newest Nintendo mobile game, Dragalia Lost, will be released in America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong en Macau. I haven’t seen it in the Dutch Appstore, but in the American iOS store you can already pre-register.

If you do so, you will receive up to 1.500 Wyrmite. No idea what we can do with that, but we will see. Find the pre-registration here.

This is what the game is about:

You assume the role of a hero known only as the Dragonblood Prince. His royal duty is to guard the kingdom of Alberia with the help of a dragon, forming a pact with him. He’s joined by family members like his twin sister Zethia and partying mercenary Ranzal on his quest to befriend dragons and ensure Alberia’s survival.

The gameplay relies on both humans and dragons to fight. Dragons join alongside the customizable party to pitch in against other, stronger monsters. Plus, humans can become dragons themselves for stronger attacks. There will be multiplayer raids with up to four players taking online event quests together. There’s also cooperative play, according to Nintendo, which allows for players to go through parts of the story campaign together.

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