Game Soundtracks We Love Endless Ocean 2

Game Soundtracks We Love: Endless Ocean 2

Hello to everyone! Thank you for joining us, on our cuppa filled gaming journey.

Last week we chose a soundtrack from an action role-playing, hack ‘n’ slash PS2 game: Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2). If you missed it and want to check it out: Game Soundtracks We Love: Dark Chronicle

This week we wanted to delve into the depths of the ocean and go on underwater adventures! 😀 Unable to do that in real life; we settled for the next best thing: a Wii game. 😛

Game of Choice

There aren’t many diving games around (which is a big shame) and this particular title had three different names: Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep (UK) / Endless Ocean: Blue World (US) / Forever Blue: Call of the Ocean (Japan).

In Endless Ocean 2, we don’t just swim around with the sea animals, we can also: ride whales and dolphins, fend off any pesky predators, take photos of seals, walrus, tropical fish, penguins (my cousins perhaps?) and pretty much anything you like while on your adventures (as long as your SD card has space).

You can also learn the names of the sea animals you find, discover and explore shipwrecks/ruins, find treasure, and even unravel the mystery of the “Song of Dragons” – All with a beautiful soundtrack while you play! 😀

The tracks used in the overview trailer (above), give a nice insight into the relaxed atmosphere the game has, but also conjures the wonderful feeling of witnessing something beautiful – there are a number of brilliant moments in the game that you come across on your adventures.

Note: The skulls in the following videos are to do with the uploader ShakeTV – nothing to do with the game.

‘One World’ is a beautiful track with vocals by Celtic Woman (one of several) – it does a great job  giving the player a good sense of the overall tone and atmosphere of the game. While the track plays in the opening mission; it really adds another layer of brilliance to the experience (and it’s only just begun).

In between your adventures of the deep; you get to relax, make changes to your diving gear, appraise items found in the ocean and have a little wander around Nineball Island. ‘Nineball Island Night’ plays (as you would expect) at night time while you are on the island; quite a contrast to the rest of EO2’s soundtrack, and yet it still fits the game perfectly – such a nice relaxing track to listen to.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved Endless Ocean 2 (it’s one of my top 5 Wii games) – I didn’t get to play the first Endless Ocean, so if Nintendo decided to release HD versions of the games (or even a new EO game); I would certainly be happy. 😀

The soundtrack for Endless Ocean 2 added a layer of beauty and atmosphere, that the Wii couldn’t produce with graphics and environment designs alone. To also include Celtic Woman was genius, as her vocals compliment the game so much – I love it! 😀

A few questions for you:

  • Had you heard any songs by Celtic Woman before Endless Ocean?
  • Do you also hope for HD remakes or a new game in the series?
  • What were your thoughts on the soundtrack for Endless Ocean 2?

Would love to read your thoughts 😀 – Thanks for reading!


    1. It’s a really interesting game; nice locations to explore and taking photos of the ruins and sea life was brilliant. Jonah and I played it online once, but the Wii speak would cut out during loading screens which was a bother! Was a great game to play and experience with a friend though – shame we didn’t play it more, later in the game there are some brilliant moments of discovery.

      Fingers crossed for HD remasters for Switch or a third game! 😀

  1. I had actually heard some Celtic Woman songs before playing Endless Ocean 2. I’d certainly love to see more Endless Ocean games, though the 2 games in the series are already worth plenty of hours. And I like the soundtrack, of course. It fits the game very well, and it’s interesting that both games feature a song called “Prayer.”

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