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Ring Fit Experience Poll: The Results

Is Ring Fit Adventure fun and effective for exercise? After I asked ten Ring Fit-playing friends what they thought, I made a poll to hear from LG readers too. Thank you to all the readers who answered this poll!

The Poll Questions

  • Before trying Ring Fit, did you exercise regularly?
  • Was Ring Fit as fun as you expected?
  • Is it an effective exercise tool for you?
  • Have you stopped playing?
  • Are you motivated to keep playing?

Did They Like Ring Fit?

LadiesGamers Ring Fit Experience Poll Results
Most respondents were in their 40s and 50s (11 out of 19 people).

LadiesGamers Ring Fit Experience Poll Results
Only a quarter had exercised regularly before playing Ring Fit.

LadiesGamers Ring Fit Experience Poll Results

Slightly more than half said it was an effective exercise tool—which is not bad, but not unanimous praise either.

LadiesGamers Ring Fit Experience Poll Results

Happily, three-quarters found the game as fun as they had expected.

Understandably, though, nearly half had stopped playing Ring Fit. But more than half said they felt motivated to continue playing or to resume playing.

LadiesGamers Ring Fit Experience Poll Results
LadiesGamers Ring Fit Experience Poll Results
Since the biggest age group was respondents in their 50s, here’s more detail about what they said:

Out of those 6 people, only 1 person exercised regularly before starting Ring Fit. All 6 respondents said the game was as fun as expected, though only 4 people found it an effective exercise tool. Only half were motivated to continue playing, and 2 people had already stopped.

The Takeaway

What I gather from this tiny sample of Ring Fit players is that the game is fun but not necessarily exercise that you’ll stick with. The fun factor may not be enough to sustain long-term, regular exercise.

After all, no matter how fun an activity is at first, sustaining it isn’t easy. There will probably be days of feeling lazy and wanting to skip a workout.

LadiesGamers Ring Fit Adventure
Furthermore, folks with mobility, stiffness, or pain issues may find large portions of Ring Fit to be impossible. As mentioned in my earlier article, some people stop playing Ring Fit because of knee or back pain. This could have resulted from over-straining themselves during the game, or perhaps it was a pre-existing condition that got aggravated.

Still, as an exercise game Ring Fit Adventure is a pretty good one, even if it doesn’t meet everyone’s needs.

Is it the right game for you? Perhaps my next article will help you decide. Having finished the game recently, I’ll be sharing about that experience. Look out for it!




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