Tomodachi Life…Tamagotchi anyone?

Last Friday I downloaded Tomodachi Life, I had actually looked forward to this title, knowing very well that it was to be a quirky little game. Or maybe one can’t even call it a game, because there really isn’t much you can actually do in the game. It reminds me of a shoebox in which a kid has made a miniature world, and you can look at it through the peephole in the box. That’s what you do in Tomodachi too. You put Mii’s in, feed and clothe them, and sit back to see what they are doing.

I’ve played it a lot this weekend, imported Mii’s from friends and family, and added some celebrities to the mix. Special friendships occurred immediately: Mr. Spock and Shaquille O’Neal are best buddies, Queen Elizabeth gets along very well with Christina Aguilera and a friend of mine got romantically involved with another gaming friend at the first night! They do and say crazy things, making me smile and want to come back to see what they’ve got themselves into now. And they unfailingly call me “YvoCaro’s lookalike”.


In the media the game is compared to Animal Crossing, but I think that’s wrong. I hardly see any comparison, aside from the fact that your Mii leads a virtual life. It reminded me from the first of the little Tamagotchi I used to have! I think many of you had one or have heard of those toys from the ’90’s. My little Tara (named after my dog) lived for about two human months. She thrived and survived because I even took her with me to work, secretly feeding her under the table while in a meeting. And I felt a strange connection to this pixel beastie. I guess the attraction of Tomodachi is the same, and that’s what makes it fun for me.

I do feel they could do more with the title. For instance, why can’t the player use their own creativity to make rooms or clothes? Would have made it much more complete. But for now, me and my Mii are really enjoying ourselves.

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