Animal Crossing Crossover Event starting!

It’s getting close, everyone! Only one more week to go, and let me tell you: I could really do with some time on a deserted island to get away from it all!

As promised in the Animal Crossing Direct, the crossover event between Pocket Camp and New Horizons has started! The first step in creating our future paradise!

Not a lot of specifics are given, but from March 12th to April 2nd you can supposedly catch a lot of deserted island fish. I guess to earn furniture to create the island feel in your own pocket camp.

What’s possibly even nicer is that you get 20 Leaf Tickets in your mailbox after the update. Plus ogging in every day for the events nets you some nice Countdown to Release’ log-in bonuses. What better way to spend the next week then to adorn your little AC person in an aloha shirt just like Tom Nook’s!

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