No more video game guides from Prima

I bet most of you have one or more video game guides at home. If you’re fired up about a game it’s such fun to leaf through the glossy book and read all there is to read about it.

I have several at home. The big fat Pokémon Platinum gaming guide really shows its wear and tear, and the Animal Crossing guide has a place of honor of course. Most of mine have the red P on the cover: published by Prima Guides.

This news on Siliconera caught my attention. What a pity!

“Longstanding video game strategy guide publisher Prima Games is set to close shop by early 2019. The decision was announced by the Dorling Kindersley division of Penguin Random House, and all three of the Prima Games offices at Roseville, Indianapolis, and New York will close its doors, affecting all employees working there. While Roseville’s will shut down by mid-November, the Indianapolis office will continue publishing until March 2019.

Prima Games first began publishing strategy guides as an imprint of Dorling Kindersley in 1990, 28 years ago.”



  1. It’s a shame! I love strategy guides and I have many of them that I’ve saved over the years. There’s just something special about flipping through the physical book vs. looking it up online, you know?

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