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Review RemiLore Lost (Switch) Girl in the Land of Lore

Game: RemiLore Lost Girl in The Lands of Lore.
System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher/Developers: Pixellore, Nicalis
Price:  $39.99 | £35.99 |€ 39,99
Age Rating: EU 12+| USA E
Release Date: 26th February 2019
Also Available On: PS4, Stem, Xbox One.

Review code kindly provided by Nicalis

RemiLore Lost Girl in The Lands of Lore is a new contender in the rouge-lite anime style adventure genre on the Nintendo Switch. With twin stick controls and lots of devastating magic attacks it’s reminiscent of old top-down brawlers from years gone by.

Finding a way home again

You take on the role of Remi, a high school student who was sent to the school library to clean before she is allowed to leave the school at the end of the day. While in the library Remi awakens a talking book named Lore. With the surprise of being discovered Lore warps himself and Remi to the magical world of Ragnoah which is swarming with mecha-monsters.

Remi and Lore must find a way for Remi to deal with the android leader Choux and her mecha monsters and find a way  to the portal to return Remi to her home.

It’s a linear path that you travel though, running along outside bridges until you come to a room. Upon entering a room various mecha-monsters will spawn and Remi and Lore cannot leave the room until all the monsters are defeated. A map on the screen helps you find your way from room to room and this is needed because each play through is a different layout.

Combat is a pleasant affair

Combat is pretty simple, just a few button combinations to remember which are all listed in the games menu section and one button to use Lore’s magic attack which uses magic from a magic meter. I enjoyed the combat. The controls are tight and fluid and work extremely well. Each monster and Boss has a set attack pattern and are slow attackers. Meanwhile Remi’s attacks are fast and she also has a dash move for getting out of the way of the attacks. The dash move is tied to a meter so you need to keep an eye on it during your fight.

However, it’s not just a case of button bashing combos as there’s the ever present threat of death and restating the Act (as the levels are called). When you die you have to start from the beginning again which makes the game have some strategy to it as you dash and dodge the monsters incoming attacks. If you do happen to die you lose a small amount of cash and you can start at the beginning of the level you are on.

You receive a score for each Act

There are 200 weapons and 6 different types of weapons to chose from once they are unlocked of course, Remi starts Act One with a broom as a weapon.. Each weapon has a light and heavy attack and weapons come with a bonus like the sewing needle with the bonus of +Mana Cost Decrease or a Field Hockey Stick that has + Mana Drain. Preforming different combos earns you points which are all put together at the end of an Act along with time taken to complete, damage received and combos preformed all giving you a total score for that Act.

While exploring the rooms, breaking any furniture placed in the rooms and defeating the monsters will earn Remi lots of Desserts. You need them to heal Remi’s health or to replenish Lore’s magic power. Every few rooms you will come across a room with a chest in it either containing a new weapon or a scroll to upgrade Lore’s magic.

At the end of an Act you also enter a room with new weapons to chose from and a health or magic mana to purchase with the points you have earned though out the Acts. There are also various outfits to collect for Remi to wear and achievements to unlock.

Several kinds of gameplay modes

You can complete the single player story mode that can be completed in one sit through (depending on how you play).  There is also a single player mode without the story that can be played. Once single player story mode is completed it opens up a new Game Plus Mode.

This mode gives a multitude of different modes to play from a 1hp challenge to a boss rush. And from a random weapon mode as well as a more relaxed mode which allows you to chose your weapon and spell to have equipped.

A 2 player co-op mode is also available if you wish to team up with a friend and take on the mecha-monsters together.

Full Japanese voice acting

RemiLore Lost Girl in The Lands of Lore has full Japanese voice acting and Remi and Lore talk to one another through the gameplay via a text box at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the conversations between the characters are just silly stories or fun conversations but they do end up repeating though out the game and can get a bit repetitive. The story is a little on the slim side and could be fleshed out more but its adequate for a hack/slash style game.

I liked the fact that the game has Japanese voice acting but for those of us that do not understand Japanese there is no English dub and trying to read a text box at the bottom of the screen in the heat of battle was a bit awkward and can lead to a few unintended deaths while reading instead of fighting.

The music isn’t a stand out soundtrack. The sound effects of collecting the desserts and fighting the monsters overshadowed the actual music in the game which makes the music more of a back ground noise.

Graphically the game looks very good and the scenery is bright and colourful, though a few times there was some slow down during some of the battle scenes.

Remi Lore main single player story campaign is short as I have already mentioned but there is a lots of replay value in the game. By the time you have collected all the outfits, weapons and got all the achievements I believe it will make up for what I  think is a high price point for Remi Lore on the Nintendo Switch.

I really enjoyed the combat and all the different and strange weapons that Remi can be equipped with. The replay value of Remi Lore is great and you could spend quite a few hours collecting everything and getting all the achievements.

If you like this game genre, RemiLore: Lost Girl in The Lands of Lore could be a future purchase for you to think about.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this game lately and so stoked to see you finally review it.

    I love rougelite anime style hack and slash ARPGs.

    I’m also glad RemiLore had a co-op mode.

    For a second there, I almost mistook it for a JPRG.

    And yeah, Remi is so cute.

    Nice review!

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