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Trophy card on your PSN profile

As you may have noticed I mainly write about Nintendo gaming, that doesn’t mean though that I don’t love my PS Vita just as much. It just means that the 3DS tends to have more games that I love. Plus, I seem to have a weakness for Nintendo. But, as I’ve said before: the Vita is one powerful and beautiful device. I’ve been playing some new games on it these last few daye, and I’m once again reminded how beautiful and crisp the visuals are on it, and how well it handles.

I’m not very knowledgable about how Sony’s online network works, but I’ve found that they do offer a nice way to spruce up you online presence: by using Trophy Cards. Along with your personal card you get a link code to paste into forums and such, which makes it a great way to show your online personality. This is mine right now, doesn’t it look great?

I had no idea that this could be so easily made, so for those of you who didn’t know either, here’s a little instruction. You have to have a profile of course on the PlayStation Network, PSN. I bet you’ve already got that going, and have connected your device to it. Then you go to PSN profile and register there.  This website has a lot more to it, there are forums, and trophy guides for many games. Nice to find some additional gaming info.

Make sure, on your device, that you sync your trophies. On my Vita it’s a separate App, where you connect to your PSN profile and you can see all the trophies you’re gathered and all the games you played. Syncing gave me a bit of a problem, something with my router and DNS, but I got there in the end.

PSN, Tropies, Vita, Tropy card, profileOn your computer or mobile, go back to the PSN profile site, and click “Update Profile” under your account. Unless you are a premium member you can do this once an hour. Then go to your Trophy Cards, and find your card there, for you to modify it to your hearts content. You can change the background to the standards that there are for all PS games. You can upload your own image if you want too. You can decide how many trophies you want to appear in it. When you are happy with the result, you can then copy several codes: there a direct URL, a BBCode (which most forums use) and you can use a HTML code like this blog uses. I just pasted the code in here, et voilá, here it is! And the nice thing is, when you change the Trophy Card on the website, it changes it everywhere automatically.

So go on, get your own online presence!


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