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10th Bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for our tasty bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix Games!

The games listed here have been played by the contributors and all cost less than £15, but most will cost  less than £10. Games do go on sale from time to time, so if a game is on sale and we think it’s worth checking out; we shall be sure to mention it! 😀

Storm in a Teacup – Nintendo Switch & Mobile

Jonah’s Pick

Storm in a Tea Cup is a bright, colourful platformer that’s great for all ages. Players zoom around stages in a Tea Cup, finding keys, opening doors, collecting stars, solving puzzles, avoiding enemies and spikes etc. Your objective is to reach the end of each stage with as many stars as possible. And the best thing, Storm in a Tea Cup costs £2.99! At this price, surely it’s worth at least a try!

Please check our review for more insight about this game.

Delicious Emily series – Mobile

Yvonne’s Pick

The Delicious Emily series tells the story of Emily, who finds a restaurant to run everywhere she goes. You help her with her customers. Emily serves them what they ask for, sometimes she has to combine ingredients, grill them or mix them. She has to make it quick of course, before they become impatient and leave. Fast service and entertainment, along with creative restaurant decorating, can keep the customers happy and result in a bigger tip

Of course, there are more restaurant games out there, but in this series, the story is just as important as running the restaurant. We have followed Emily through life, she got her restaurant, got the love of her life though there were some hiccups with her mother in law and a former girlfriend, and she has children now too. The games can be played for free if you don’t mind the adverts. Or you can get the paid version and won’t be distracted by ads.

I wrote a bit more about them, you can find that article here.

Here’s an example of the gameplay:

Castlestorm – Switch

Evriun’s Pick

CastleStorm is a real-time action-strategy tower defence game, with a medieval and viking theme. The game also includes rather silly moments and a humorous script to keep the game lighthearted and fun :D. It does include crude humour and (some) blood though – which may not be to everyone’s taste. 

Most of the battles consist of you defending your castle in various ways; using a ballista to fling projectiles at the enemy, summoning troops to the field to fight, as well as magic skills to help those troops. You can even summon a Hero character to the field, allowing you to fight the enemy troops yourself.

It’s a great game with multiple campaigns to play through, several modes (such as Skirmish and Survival), as well as a multiplayer mode – providing plenty of hours of gameplay, that you can pick up and play when ever you like! 😀

Currently CastleStorm is on offer for £9.44/€10,49/$10.49. The regular price on the eShop is £13.49 / €14,99 / $14.99.

If you are interested in the game, here is my full review: CastleStorm (Switch) Review

The game is also available on: Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PSVita, PC, iOS and Android – but prices may vary.

Runner 3 – Nintendo Switch

Jonah’s Pic

I’m a massive fan of the Bit Trip franchise, and I’ve always wanted to purchase Runner 3, but it always seemed a tad expensive. Well, imagine my surprise when I noticed how its price on the eShop had been cut by 66%. From now until 27th November, Runner 3 costs just £8/$9.99! Using some Gold coins, I managed to purchase it this morning, and I’m not disappointed.   The game looks fantastic, plays brilliantly, and offers tremendous value at the current price.

What do you get for £8? You get a fun running platformer that challenges gamers to collect Gold bars and reach the end of each stage by jumping, double jumping, wall jumping, sliding etc. Thankfully there are numerous checkpoints scattered around because one hit results in failure.

Oh yes, this time, you even get to ride vehicles!

Sales News

We’ve already highlighted that Runner 3 and CastleStorm are currently on sale, but other titles may be of interest too. Here are several we’ve picked out from the Switch eShop in the UK (check your own shop for prices):

The Flame in the Flood – regular price £14.99 – sale price £7.49 (review here)
Infinity Mini Golf – regular price £13.49 – sale price £5.39
Cartoon Network Battle Crashers – regular price £19.99 – sale price £7.99
Neodrifter – regular price £8.99 – sale price £4.49
Earthworms – regular price £7.19 – sale price £2.51 (review here)
Monster Jam: Crush It! – regular price £19.99 – sale price £7.99
Lifeless Planet – regular price £15.99 – sale price £12.71 (review here)
Spellspire – regular price £8.99 – sale price £4.49
No Heroes Here – regular price £13.99 – sale price £4.75

There are even more games on sale, so it may be worth while checking out the eShop which ever region you are in! 😀

That’s all folks!
So that’s a wrap for our Pick ‘n’ Mix Games list this week. If you purchase one of the listed games above; please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The team at LadiesGamers wishes one and all a great weekend! 😀

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