Civilization VI on Switch: where to begin?

As I wrote a week ago, as far as I’m concerned two important games were released on the Switch on November 16th. The first of course is Pokémon Let’s Go, the first journey of the popular series on the Switch.

The other one is Civilization VI: a game that has been around for years and is getting bigger and bigger. And while it was on Mobile and PC, now it can be played on the go. A dream for a lot of fans!

I decided to go for CIV 6 as the fans call it. It’s totally new to me, so I’m an absolute novice. And as I imagine the game is opened up to more people on the Switch, more people have the same problem.

Beginner: where to start?

So where to start? With the tutorial! And it’s a lengthy one. Hours in fact, and I was disappointed to see I can’t save. Doubly annoying when I found a bug: I as trying to place a library on the place where it was most profitable and zoomed out while doing that. After that, it was stuck. And there was nothing to do but start over.

Even with most of the tutorial under my belt now, I feel a bit scared to jump in. But I will, just after my Switch is charged again. Meanwhile, I wanted to share these little tips from Twitter. Lots of shortcuts and things you’ll need to know as a beginner.

Keep your eye on the site: ChamZen is a pro at this game, so she might just have some in-depth tips for me to share here!

Notifications menu

Explore the map and move troops

Keep tabs on what’s happening around you

Info under one button

How to get more info researching a tech

Am I on the road to victory?

Your first city. Now what?


  1. Hi Yvonne!
    I’m thinking about playing CIV6 or Pokemon. I think it will be CIV6.
    I don’t play pokemon Go because I don’t have a smart phone and I’m afraid I’ll miss out on some thinks because of that.
    It does look easy to get into and cute and that suits my current ‘state of mind’ very good.
    But I loved Civilisation Revolution (but unlike CIV6 that was a ‘mellow version’) on the PS3. And although I’m looking up to the tutorials and the learning curve, I do think I will love this one to.
    I’m a bit in a gaming dip.
    We’re moved now, and it’s a great house, but I still don’t feel settled/ secure/ good/ totally myself.
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 helped me through it a lot. I played it in my old house and also here. (got all the blades, and all fully leveled up, game is set ready for new game plus)
    But now I have trouble picking things up/ getting into a game.
    And I currently have a Kickstarter addiction, and that takes up much time to.
    But I think I might be ready for a new game! If it’s gonna be CIV6 I’ll definitely watch the video’s.
    How are you doing?

    1. Hi Ronja! Nice to hear from you again, and I’m glad you are doing okay. Moving house can be such a chore. And getting to know new neighbours and maybe finding new friends can be scary. Did you move far, or do you still have your family and friends close?
      You know you brought me to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 right? I played it a lot a year ago, but stopped when I met an enemy I couldn’t beat without a lot of grinding. So you really went the entire length!

      A Kickstarter addiction! I see how that would work, I love to browse it too to see if I find amazing new games that would fit so well on the site. Let me know if you find worthy ones, I like your tips.

      Do let me know if you decide to go for CIV. Always good to be on the same page eh?

  2. We didn’t move far, stayed in the same city.
    I bought Civilization 6! But I haven’t found the time to play yet.
    I’m wrapping presents for Sinterklaas and putting things on Marktplaats.

    I love Kickstarter, but I’m not focused on videogames there.
    I don’t play many games like you. I have ‘trouble’ beginning and getting into games, takes a lot of energy.
    That’s why I do some research in advance and I like games with lots of review.
    And there are a lot of ‘visual novel – young adult’ games revolving only around the love theme on Kickstarter. And when I do like a game it takes some time to figure out if it’s gonna be on the switch.
    But if I do run into something I like, I will definitely share!

    I’m very happy you took a chance with Xenoblade 2 and liked it!
    I did play a lot but there were still enemy’s I couldn’t beat (easily). But I think that’s because my lack of skill, not lack of trying or grinding.

    1. Cool, you got Civ 6! I am curious to hear what you think about the game. You have a bit more experience playing Civ Revolution though. Thanks for being on the lookout on Steam. You can also give tips about casual games that don’t have Switch on the horizon. I am making a series of articles about Steam games we wish would come to the Switch!

  3. THANK you for your blog. It is the first one that has explained things in a way that actually lets me learn and make progress. The screenshots are so helpful!!!

  4. I played Civilizations Revolution years ago but am struggling with Civ6 switch version.
    Couple issues:
    1.The game tells me my units are ready for a promotion, but I am unable to activate a promotion.
    2. I understand builders are important, but I can’t seem to activate them either. Even when an icon for the build appears, nothing happens when I press A. What gives? Builders standing around with the game telling me to maximize my tiles.
    I am doing ok with the rest so far, but those are pretty big stumbling blocks.
    Anyone have a moment to help a girl out?
    Thank you in advance! =)

  5. Hi TawaV, thanks for your comments, glad your enjoying Civ 6. Lets see if we can answer your questions for you.
    1, the game does tell you when a unit is due promotion, however it’s usually on your next turn before you can promote them I have found, not exactly on the turn the game says the unit is for promotion.

    2, you can only build on tiles where the builders little icon of a house or tent or mine shows up in the top left corner on the builders icon, you need to highlight the house icon (or icon of what ever your building) or press it with your finger. Then you will see an animation of the builder building on the tile.

    If you check out our Civ 6 Guide 2, Builders and Military Icons that guide goes into more detail on icons etc.
    I hope that has been some help to you and your enjoyment of Civ 6.

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