Cup of Coffee?

This weekend I told you about our YouTube channel going up (find the article here). For a lot of you youngsters that might not be a big deal, but for me it is a step. Putting my voice out there in digital space is really something, because although we started out with some gameplay videos more content will follow. For instance, the Handheld Gaming News would lend itself perfectly.

In creating the image and artwork to go with the channel we were discussing how to portray what LadiesGamers is. It came to life as a blog about Gaming on the Go and that tag line was later renamed to Handheld Gaming. It will remain focusing on games you can play while you travel, on any device, whether it’s a dedicated gaming device or a smartphone or tablet.

Another thing that was obvious was that coffee has been a constant on the site. Not only to keep me awake and activated, but if you remember, the first gaming news was first called Friday’s Cup of Coffee. And later changed to Gaming Cup of Coffee. It gave me the perfect excuse to show these pictures of really yummy coffees, even when I was once again on a diet!

Does it get any better?

For the YouTube channel a cup of coffee wouldn’t do however: some members of the team are distinctly British and they reminded me rightly that not all people drink coffee. Tea might be preferred. Which is why it got the catch phrase “Handheld Gaming with a Cuppa”.

Although we love working on the site, in the end we are working to bring all of you good content. And as I stated before, I will strive to keep the site advert free. Noboday wants to wade through lots of commercial info to get the content they love to read. But I did open a Ko-Fi page for LadiesGamers.

Very fitting, Ko-Fi don’t you think?

If you like our content and want to help us keep up the good work, then consider buying us a cuppa on our Ko-Fi Page. No obligation, you are always very welcome on here no matter what. But it will help pay the cost that comes with a website, and help us bring even better content to you. The Ko-Fi page is here!


Thank you for reading, and remember: Happy Gaming, with or without coffee!

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