Musynx Review For Nintendo Switch

Game: Musynx
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: I-Inferno
Publisher: PM Studios
Price: $29.99/£ 8.99/€ 9,99
Release Date: June 19, 2018 (no release yet in Europe and UK)
Age rating: 10+

(Review code generously provided by Federico at PM Studios)

Overall Feeling: I like it a lot!

Musynx is a rhythm game which was originally released as an app game, and has now arrived on the Switch! There are over 90 songs within a variety of music genres, ranging from techno, pop, rock, 8-bit, classical and many others. There are so many songs and you will want to master them all, replaying to get a better score than last time, or just because you really like the song. You can take turns battling your friends or family to try to get a higher score than theirs. Certain tracks are very catchy with a pop-rock/techno-sounding combined beat. And there’s music performed with the piano or traditional Chinese instruments for more soothing sounds.

You can personally customize any song with the many control options. You can adjust the speed, the difficulty, and other factors. Until recently I hadn’t fully messed with the controls like the sound enhancement. But I highly recommend trying them all out, mix it up! The graphics are super cute, and there is some really beautiful cover art for certain songs.

Gameplay and Graphics:

To play, you press the buttons on your switch controller, using the left arrow key, the up arrow key, the “x” button, and the “a” button, in time with the music beats to enhance the song. (This is the 4-key mode.) If you miss a button, the song will be half missing, like with no singer in the background. The notes roll down the screen in “lanes” and you either quickly press them or hold down the button for a time. You can play in either 4-key or 6-key mode, and then in normal or hard.

Some songs are increasingly difficult, having you repeatedly press all of the buttons in blinding speed, while other songs can be very relaxing and slow-paced. With any of these songs, you can adjust the speed to change the difficulty level. So, a slow song can be fast instead, or vice versa. At times, you can become so entranced with the pulsing beats and keeping up, the button pushes and timing are purely instinctual. When you hit the notes at the right time, you can score combos and big points.

There are a variety of background screens when you play, to give a different vibe and feel for each song. The visuals that appear while you jam are fun & quirky, fitting the music genre that accompanies it. While matching the beats, the 8-bit scene has you serving lunch trays with lettuce and meat to cute little 8-bit characters in a cafeteria. In the background, you can even see interesting details like a lunch lady using telekinesis to lift the pot of food!

Other scenes can display something odd, such as a toilet paper roll on the main screen, with unusual scribbles and a cat with wiggly arms. One interesting detail I noticed was a red-headed, pigtailed girl with a bonnet, who keeps appearing on cover art and backgrounds in unlikely places.


The soundtrack is amazing! There are many different music selections to suit people of different tastes. You can play 8-bit songs, pop songs, techno, hard rock, classical, and even music with Chinese elements and orientation. My favorite genres are techno and 8-bit, which are worlds apart, but some songs still incorporate different themes into one. If you enjoy largely orchestrated songs, I recommend “Tales Of Ginkgo.” It is very beautiful, but fast-paced.

Or, if you’re more into relaxing classical music, I recommend “Canon in D”. I get fired up when I play my favorite upbeat techno songs! It can get very addicting over time if you play for awhile. “TWINKLE STAR” by Vocaloid is one of my favorite tracks because of its out-of-this-world-sound, making me feel like I’m in outer space. The stellar techno voice and featured image of a blue twin-tailed girl you may recognize from actual cover art of Musynx. “Love Wallet,” “66CCFF,” “LALALA refrain,” and “YOU” are also some really great songs I love especially because of their beat! You’ll have to try them out for yourself and see what you think!


In conclusion, this game is perfect for those who are up for a challenge and love difficult rhythm games like me! Musynx has an adjustable difficulty, with simple mechanics but addicting gameplay. The graphics are appealing and very clean, while the music is great and varies across many genre types. The backgrounds are unique with moving and changing features, and I keep searching for that little red-headed bonnet girl on all the screens. I recommend this game to those who can handle the difficulty of the frantic button pressing, since this type of game is not suited for everyone.  Have a great day (or evening etc.) everyone, Petra is signing off!

I have to go play some more of my game later!

I like it a lot!



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  1. This one’s definitely a stand-out amongst rhythm games. I also look forward to picking up a retail copy – one with the Ltd Edition cover-art.. If I can find it! Haven’t seen Musynx in a single store yet. Lovely review! Sounds like you had great fun with it, Petra. 😉

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