FullBlast Game Review for Switch

Game: FullBlast
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: UFO Crash Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Age Rating: EU 3| USA 10+
Price:  £ 5.99|€5,99| $5.99
Release Date: 7 September 2018
Overall Feeling: I like it

Review Code generously provided by Ratalaika Games

This retro inspired shoot’em up game takes focus and quick reactions. Alien invaders are attacking and the military sends you out to fight them in a fighter jet. This game can also be played with a second player via local co-op.

An Arcade Experience

The story serves more as instruction and guides you from one level to another. Similar to what you experience in arcade games. The graphic style is reminiscent of old shoot’em up games with its science fiction, military, and insect design inspirations. The borders on the side remind me of the arcade machines with designs beside the screen. The game scrolls in one direction like the old games, but has clean 3D graphics to fit today. I feel like the metal music adds to the intensity of the game.

Enemies Everywhere!

The game play allows you to pick between easy, normal, and hard. This effects the number of enemies and power-ups available. Easy is a good way to start if you haven’t played this type of game before. The power-ups are random. You can pick up a weapon upgrade, extra life, double points for score, bombs, and heals. There are also traps that can slow you down and affect your shooting.

When an area feels like there’s too many enemies you can use a bomb that clears them out. The enemies shoot at you directly, shoot rings of shots that expand, or small clouds. I enjoyed the boss battles the most. I’m happy finding strategies to dodge and deal damage to a large enemy.


There are 12 levels in the game. Some are shorter and others longer. If you work your way from easy to hard mode it will feel like more game play time. It still leaves me wishing there were more bosses and levels.

I do recommend this game. It is fun and easy to play with others.

I like it


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