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After many, many years, it’s back to the classroom for me today. Well, the virtual classroom at least. Still, it feels like a new beginning for my blogging life! I decided to join up for Writing 101 at the Wordpress university, to see where that journey would take me and my website. A perfect opportunity for me to hone my writing skills and to meet fellow bloggers. For the next two weeks I will try to write a daily blog, based upon the prompts I get. I’m quite exited actually, and as this was a new beginning of sorts, I decided that it was time for me to shed my Mii image, and replace it by my real image on this website. I chose a picture of me doing what I like best: gaming!

Writing 101, blogging,Anyway, back to the prompt: “I write because…” Like I wrote on my “about me” page the answer to why I started blogging is fairly easy. I’ve come to gaming late in life, and I’ve found that ever since I can’t stop talking about my games. I’ve met a lot of lovely fellow gamers in various forums over the years and with some I even developed a friendship online that goes beyond gaming and extends into real life. Still, in my daily life friends and family tend to look at me with a faraway look in their eyes when I try to talk about games to them. I can just tell that they are trying to humor me, but that they just don’t understand why a woman of my age would be enthusiastic about capturing another legendary Pokémon or going on a quest to battle a dragon in Fantasy Life. So this blog really started as a way to spare them!

I decided to put the thoughts that are constantly swirling in my mind about this topic into written words, and send them along the virtual highway. When I was much younger the thought of writing for a living seemed a beautiful but unobtainable dream. I even started writing a book, but didn’t get any further then two chapters in. My rational mind took over, telling me that there are so many aspiring writers out there, so why would I be able to make a living from it? So I stuck to my daytime job, and my writing aspirations were dormant until this blog came along. I was able to combine the two in a way that gives me a lot of positive energy without pressure: I write about things I love, I game to get input for my writing and sharing has become very easy online. At the same time, there’s no need to publish to make money.

For some reason though, after more than a year of blogging about games, other interests crept into my writing. I tag them on my website as “other things”, things that are unrelated to gaming, but always things I’m passionate about. This daily prompt will fit in there nicely, I hope you will join me on my journey on Writing 101. At the same time though, the gaming blogs will still be flowing freely!

  1. First rule, gaming on the go! I could never find the time to play my Wii. Too much pressure to share the Telly with the family and I didn’t want to sit alone while my family sat cosy together. But a handheld device solved all that and more! No more irritating waiting times at dentist, hospital, train…I find so much time to play!

  2. I am a huge fan of 3DS (and its predecessors). Besides that I dabble in Xbox and Playstation. I don’t have a WiiU, but I’m debating on whether I should get one for myself as I’ve heard great things about Splatoon 🙂

    1. Oh this is fun, always happy to find fellow gaming ladies! I’m mostly into gaming on the go, have.a 3DS for every region and a vita! What game are you playing at the moment? I’m playing Ar NoSurge on the Vita and trying to get a grip on the Japanese version of Magicians Quest 4 on the 3DS.

      1. I actually only recently playing with my 3DS again. Since then I’ve restarted my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town and ordered Fantasy Life a few days ago. How’s Magician’s Quest? I played an installment on the DS a few years ago and enjoyed it. Haven’t played any other installment since.

        1. You’ll love Fantasy Life, I know I did. And Animal Crossing…don’t get me started. I’m so looking forward to Happy Home Designer.
          There haven’t been any new Magicians Quest in the West. The series has evolved and expanded a lot in Japan, but Konami apparently doesn’t see economic benefit anymore to translate it. Shame!

          1. I’m really excited about playing Fantasy Life (I also picked up Season of Stories, hehe). Oh man, Happy Home Designer has me in a tizzy. My BF didn’t I was such a fangirl until that game was announced. I’m so tempted to buy the New 3DS bundle 😀

            1. Oh boy, we might have to chat some more! I get all enthusiastic reading your gaming words. Story of Seasons is very good, though with all Harvest Moon games I tend to fall behind in year 2 or 3. I don’t think I’ve ever made it to year 4…but like I do with many games, I might just jump in again at any time.
              So your BF was in for a shock, lol?

  3. YvoCaro, I know absolute nothing about gaming so I guess we can’t share much there BUT I know an interesting person when I find one. You fit. I’ll be watching for you in writing 101. Thanks for liking my Both Wise Men…. Your response led me over here to your place. Thanks again for the reach out.

  4. YvoCaro, I think your name is fitting for what you are doing. Maybe you could do “A Lady and Gaming …plus.” But others will come to you as I have if you continue your comments and friendship with others. University blogging courses are great for developing contacts.

  5. “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.”

    It might take a while and work will be involved, but in one way or another you will make it somehow and in your case; YvoCaro, you are already realizing your dream.

    Congratulations on that so far and I am looking forward to see what you have in store for us in the future! 🙂

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