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Hello! Chai here! I’ve been reading LadiesGamers for some time and thought it would be fun to join the team.

I’ve been playing video games since childhood. I had mainly played console games until I went to college. During that time I didn’t have much time at home, but I had time on the commute. So I picked up the Nintendo 3Ds whenever I could. Awhile after college I went back to console games and some pc games. I enjoy many kinds of games such as rpgs, strategy, and action. Lately I’ve been playing StarCraft II, Final Fantasy 14, and the Sims 4.

I’m also an artist and illustrator. Anime and video games inspired me to draw when I was a kid. I admired the artwork on the covers and game guides. They still inspire me today along with nature and food. You can find my website here. My day job is working at a library. I find myself checking out more books then I can read sometimes!

I’m happy to be part of the community here and look forward to writing about games!

An example of my art, inspired by Monster Hunter


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