A year of change for LadiesGamers

2018 has been a year of change on LadiesGamers. Until October 2017 this had been a one-woman blog. All the writing and techy stuff of maintaining the website had been done by me. For the design of the site I had help from my daughter, but aside from that, a one-woman show.

That all changed when I started inviting writers to come and put their gaming thoughts to paper. I love working in a team, and the variety of content meant the site improved. The writers come from all over the world, and all brought special skills and preferences for games. And some brought technical and designing skills too. 

It all evolved to the site it is today. Much sleeker, much more content and not just my voice. With it, the focus shifted too, not much handheld gaming news anymore, but a lot more reviews.

Lots of reviewing

130 games were reviewed and all the Nintendo Labo items too. And seeing as we made the reviews in the space of a little over 6 months it is quite amazing. Some titles we bought for ourselves, but many were made based on review codes. The Indie developers and publishers have been very forthcoming when we asked for review codes. And we are happy to give the lesser-known titles the media attention they deserve.

Not that it matters if it’s a review code or not in the scoring, mind you. We always strive to make an honest judgement, as it’s your money that is on the line. I try to get codes to the writer who is “into the game genre”, so that’s why you’ll only find a certain type of games for instance that have my name on it. For instance, please don’t make me review a platformer game, as I will surely not give it a good review. The same goes for the others, each has a certain type of game they love. And reviewing ones that you’re interested in always helps. 

Introducing a new rating system

In 2018 we introduced our rating system too. Giving a grade seems so harsh, which is why we go for the Like-scale.

Sadly, 3 games were given an “I don’t like it” despite our best efforts and the fact the writers really wanted to give these games a go. Sometimes though, it’s not meant to be. 

9 games got an “I’m not sure”. Games that we feel could have been better if some issues were solved. Issues like crashes happening, or the fact that the game just seems to be ported from an older system to the next without much improvement. 

Lumines Remastered got a Two Thumbs Up

3 games were on the other side of the spectrum: they got the Two Thumbs Up, our highest praise. Games that we would take to a deserted island if we were pressed to take only a few. These games were Civilization VI, Into the Breach and Lumines Remastered. 

44 games were praised by an I Like it a Lot, good games, but there can only be a few that get the highest praise of all. The others (71 games) got an I Like it. 

My Brother Rabbit was one that got an I Like it a Lot
My Brother Rabbit was one that got an I Like it a Lot

What will 2019 be like?

I do feel the site is pretty stable as it is now. The team of writers will continue to grow, as there is always room for people who are enthusiastic about writing or gaming. We have some recurring articles during the week. They might change with the new year, but some of the old series will return too. And we will keep on reviewing the lesser-known titles in handheld gaming. Plus, we hope that we will continue to welcome you!

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