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You might have noticed an important staple of missing: for more then two years I made a weekly news update for handheld gaming news. Hardly missing a week, I tried to bring news that stood out to me. Not necessarily being complete, just little things that I thought would be interesting.

I loved writing those blogs, but if truth be told, they take a lot of time to write. Easily eating up 3 to 4 hours to make one article. Lately I was wondering if I should continue writing them or not. Somehow it feels as if they give a lot of info, true. But with multiple games in one blog it might not be very easy to find if you are looking for your favourite game.

For the past weeks I have tried to bring little news article from the most important news and spicing it up with my own opinions and thoughts about game related topics. Try and see if this works too! But when one staple in the gaming diet goes, a new one should be added, right?

I will introduce YvoCaro plays… I’ll update you on the games I played, and give you my thoughts and progress. You might wonder if this will be interesting in any way, but I guess that as a 54 year old woman I might look at games differently. After all, I’m not exactly in the target demographic!

I’ll play only handheld games like I’ve always done. The Switch is played as a handheld, and of course the 3DS and the Vita. But let’s not forget games on mobile: I know many gamers don’t feel like playing games on your smartphone is real gaming, reading the comments on the gaming website you sometimes feel like mobile gaming is the devil. But it’s opening up the gaming market and bringing more and more people in. People who won’t shell out for a dedicated gaming device, but who do love some mobile gaming. A lot of them are women of all ages, so it’s time to create our own little virtual place here!

Anyway, that is the first change on Will you miss the Handheld Gaming News? As always, I’m curious to hear your thoughts!


  1. Keep doing what you are doing! I always read your blogs. And your opinion in what you play may also be very nice. Since i’m a handheld gamer to. Also on my switch. We do like the same genre of games. And as for mobile games . It should not be seen as something as the devil. But the thing is alot of mobile games these days are alot a like. But if they release full and good games without a cash shop. I might consider. But for now i love my handhelds

  2. Sounds like a good idea – please do!
    There are so many sites covering up to the minute news and whatnot. That’s where I go for the latest news.
    You do it with a different, personal twist and that’s what I’m interested in.
    Also, our age bracket really is almost invisible in gaming, so it’s good to have a site with that focus.

  3. I know firsthand how long it takes to write articles and keep sites updated with news posts. I had to stop because it was robbing me of precious work, family and even game time. I was spending more time researching games rather than playing them.

    Your decision sounds like a good one to me.

    1. Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I love writing, and I can’t let it go for now, so it’s better to focus on the strength of the site and not try to be up to date with the news. Family, friends and actually playing games is more important!

  4. You’ve gotta do what’s best for yourself, so keep at it
    I like your website because you’re great, I love portable games and so do you, and it’s great to see another voice, especially female-focused, around

    1. Thanks Cat, I’m actually blushing, lol. You have a wonderful website yourself, it’s important to bring the message to all the ladies out there, right?

      1. Oh shush, I’m only saying the truth, no need to blush hehe

        Aww, look what you’ve done, now I’m the one blushing. Thank you very much for saying that

        Indeed, ladies deserve more spaces and to be targeted more, that’s why you’re important

  5. You have to go where your instinct takes you and that’s it. Your weekly news posts were great for slobs like me who cannot be bothered to search for gaming news themselves, that I can’t deny; but rest assured, dear Yvonne, that I’ll keep reading your great posts no matter what. Thanks for all the work your poured in these posts and keep writing compelling stuff! ^^

    1. You’re all so sweet to say so, almost makes me reconsider writing the weekly news posts. I’d better print al your nice encouragements and pin it to my laptop, so that when I’m worried about the site, I can read it and instantly feel better!

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