Hogwarts is hot on mobile

A couple of months ago we finally got the rumour confirmed that there would indeed be a new game by Niantic in the vein of Pokémon Go for the mobile phone. In Wizards Unite people will learn spells and explore their real world neighborhoods to team up with others and fight legendary beasts. (Read more about this game here).

And now, there’s a new game on the mobile horizon for for Potter fans: Warner Bros’ new Portkey Games label will bring us Hogwarts Mystery in 2018. In this game that will come to both iOS and Android, you don’t play as Harry himself. Instead, the game is set prior to the arrival of Harry himself at the school, somewhere during between Harry’s birth and Hogwarts first year.

That means you’ll be attending school alongside Nymphadora Tonks and Bill Weasley, and get to meet professors such as Snape, McGonagall and groundskeeper Hagrid. Looking at the trailer my daughter immediately wondered if you would be able to design your own character and get chosen by the Sorting Hat into a house. The answer is yes: you can create your character, you will be sorted in one of the four houses, and you can even choose a pet!letter hogwarts

Aside from learning how to cast a number of spells in the classes you know from Harry Potters books, and uncover the myriad mysteries of Hogwarts. There’s talk of relationship quests too! There’s no firm release date just yet.

If you can’t wait to know more about the new game, you can leave your email address at the website here, to get more info when it’s available. Here’s trailer!

As a side note: Harry Potter and the Wizarding World seems more popular then ever: not for mobile, but we are still eagerly waiting for the successor of Stardew Valley. The new game by Chucklefish that has the working title Spellbound for now is a RPG that takes place in a wizarding world. Read more about that game here.  This one won’t be for mobile though, but for the gaming consoles instead.


    1. It might not. You’re referring to the Wizards Unite game from Niantic, right? But I do know that the rumors about Harry Potter’s world in AR where persistent months before the actual confirmation was there. HP has quite a fanatic fan base!

  1. This game looks great! I think I might actually prefer this one over Wizards Unite, I think one AR game at a time is enough for me! Hope I will have enough room on my phone to download and play it when it comes out! 🙂

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