Cubic Light

Cubic Light Review

Game: Cubic Light
Genre: Puzzle
System: Nintendo Switch (Also on PlayStation)
Developer | Publisher: DillyFrame
Age Rating: US Everyone | EU 3+
Price: US $2.99 | UK £2.69 | EU € 2,99
Release Date: January 26th, 2023

Review code used, with many thanks to DillyFrame.

Cubic Light is one of many Cubic games by developers DillyFrame. In this one, you need to place coloured blocks, which project their colour in certain directions, in order to light up the whole grid.

Will Cubic Light brighten my day, or will it be a blackout?

Light Up the Shape

Cubic Light
Starting easy.

Cubic Light gently introduces the player to the gameplay. A simple shape is positioned on the screen with a single red block. The block has arrows on the edges, showing which way the light will shine. Move the block to the appropriate location on the shape and watch the colour spread across the cells.

Cubic Light
And now there are two colours.

After every few levels, a new game mechanism or combination of mechanisms is introduced. There are additional colours, four in total – red, yellow, green and blue.

Cubic Light
Which colour should it be?

Just when you get familiar with placing two colours, a white block appears. This allows the player to choose the colour needed.

Cubic Light
This one block will not reach; I’ll need a three block.

Eventually, the blocks contain a number. This limits the spread of the colour and definitely makes the game more challenging.

Where’s the Challenge?

Cubic Light
My favourite level to look at.

Most of the levels are random shapes, but there are a few which are pictures. As well as the trees, there is a reindeer and present to light up. The overall game is not complicated, and I only placed a block in the wrong space a handful of times. The game could have progressed to the four colours and numbered blocks a lot sooner.

Cubic Light
My favourite level to complete.

It was level 68, which first gave me a real challenge, and level 70 took about 1.5 hours to solve and doubled the total playtime of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed that level of difficulty and wished more of the 75 levels had similar features. Large rectangular areas are trickier to fill in than they look!

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version doesn’t have any achievements.


The controls are very simple and pop up on screen at the beginning of most levels – especially when you need a reminder as to how to colour the white blocks. The game saves the level you are on and you can select any previously completed levels from the main menu.

Moving the selected block around the grid is OK, but it can take a while, especially if you select a block which needs to go to the opposite side of the area. Spotting the selected block can be difficult; although it flashes, it’s not easy to see. Moving to the appropriate block to select was awkward, especially in the higher levels, when there are lots of blocks to work with. Sometimes going in the most obvious direction, didn’t get me to the right block. The other slight issue are the colours – it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between them, as it’s only the outside edge that is coloured.

There is no touchscreen functionality. In handheld mode, I could see the selected block easier, but the blocks are so small I couldn’t read the numbers inside.


Cubic Light is a delightful minimalistic puzzle game. Although not overly challenging, it is satisfying to complete.

Final Verdict: I Like it I like it

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