Doraemon Story of Seasons: Here’s what we know

Doraemon Story of Seasons is a much-anticipated game at LadiesGamers. It would seem that this will be the first Story of Seasons title on the Switch. Because of this, I decided to produce a small factsheet using various sources to celebrate the upcoming 11th October launch date.

I lapped up all that is written on the internet about this exiting new game, and tried to recap what we know below. Enjoy!

Doraemon Story of Seasons is part of the Story of Seasons Franchise.

In 2017, the franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary. The game began life in the west under the title Harvest Moon. The franchise was initially published in the West by Natsume, but XSeed Games (a subsidiary of Marvellous Games) would later undertake this role. The franchise was later rebranded Story of Seasons in 2014.

The series’s creator is Yasuhiro Wada. Having been raised in the countryside, and longing to create a title which was non-combative, he created the original Harvest Moon for Super Nintendo. Even though Mr Wada is no longer developing the franchise, he remains a big part of the industry. His latest title is Little Dragon’s Cafe, published by Aksys Games, and previously reviewed right here at LadiesGamers.

At heart, Story of Seasons is an RPG farm simulator. Its most-loved features include day to day tasks such as growing crops, tending animals, making friends, getting married and creating a family.

And just who is Doraemon?

Doraemon is an exciting addition to the franchise. He’s a robotic cat from the 22nd century. His mission is to help Nobita, who by all accounts, is a clutz. Doraemon is a Japenese icon, whose origins date back to the late ’60s. Doraemon cartoons were signed up by Ted Turner and broadcast in the US during the mid-’80s. He’s also appeared more recently on Disney XD and Boomerang UK.

Game information – What we know so far?

The game was designed by Koji Nakajima. The crossover originated from his love for Doraemon and the original Harvest Moon title for PS1. reports that the game will include tweaked Story of Season to fit in with the Doraemon crossover. The biggest change may be the absence of romance and marriage elements. Instead, the game will focus on familial relationships, friendships.  The game will also include several sub stories to help provide extra longevity.

My initial impressions

I may be new to the franchise but the screenshots are tempting me to purchase my first Story of Seasons title.  The artwork looks colourful, warm, cute, and well drawn.  The buildings look so good, I’m surprised they’re not grade-listed!  🙂  I also fancy a real-time title while I wait for Animal Crossing next year.

By the way, doesn’t that spring image above look glorious?  Will you purchase the game on 11th October?



  1. Does anyone know if the playable character option will also include a female character? All of the screen shots I’ve seen show the boy with the glasses. Thanks!

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