Happy 2023

Happy New Year!

From all of us here at LadiesGamers: we wish you a very happy 2023 with loads of gaming fun! We also want to take this moment to thank you for being our reader and maybe even our Patron. It means a lot for us!

We are ready to take on a new year, bringing you loads of reviews for indie games. Games made by developers and brought to you by publishers who need every bit of exposure we can give them, for there are lots of gems to talk about! And in between the reviews, we will bring you interviews and editorials. Stories that are mostly game-related can be about anything that occupies our lives.

The Team behind LadiesGamers

In 2022 we had to say goodbye to our writers CJ Lehr and Elena Kua as they have real life obligations that couldn’t be combined with writing for the site anymore. Both had been with our team for a long time, and we want to thank them for all their work and great articles they contributed.

We start 2023 with these people being a part of our team:

Paula Moore: Paula has been my gaming friend for many, many years and it was a hallmark moment in August 2018 when she decided to join the site to write reviews. Pretty soon she started helping me in running the site, and for the past three years, I can safely say LadiesGamers wouldn’t be what it is now without her. We divide what has to be done, which for Paula almost is turning into a full-time job. I tell her jokingly that a corner office with a swivel chair can’t be far off in the future! We even met when I flew to Belfast this fall, and spent some days chatting about just everything! She lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland and aside from her LadiesGamers job, has 7 grandchildren to keep her busy.

James Luff: James joined us in March 2020. He lives in the UK with Melissa and baby boy Flynn and you’ve no doubt seen many reviews by James’ hand on LadiesGamers. He always says that he is willing to pick up review codes that aren’t fancied by the other writers, though he does have his preferred genre. When Paula and I browse the upcoming games to see which games we want to be reviewed, we can always spot a potential James game: platforming in 2D or 3D, rogue-lite or arcade games will always rock his boat. Oh, and any games with Otters in it!

Mina Smith: Mina, living in Richmond Virginia in the United States, joined our team in June 2021 and quickly became a steady addition to our team. She is a full-time writer and editor, writing fiction for herself but also for a number of clients. Plus, she also writes for GameRant, mostly about big AAA titles. At LadiesGamers she wants to focus on the much less known Indie titles and loves reviewing cat games!

Caroline van de Ven: First and foremost, Caroline is our graphic designer and makes the most beautiful artwork for the site. The banner that you see on top of the homepage, most of the images in editorial series and the wallpapers for our Tier 3 Patrons. She loves Otome games and has been reviewing for LadiesGamers since 2020 as well.

Yair Familier: originally from Costa Rica, is a globetrotter. He joined us in June 2022 and with interests in game design and psychology and a passion for drawing, illustration and music composing, he is right at home writing.

Celes Dreyer: another new writer in our team since October 2022 is Celes, from Kentucky USA. During the day she works as a full stack software engineer and she enjoys gaming and writing at night.

Lynne Newey: also new to our team since September 2022 is Lynne from England, who started gaming in the 1980s. After many years playing and coding on an Amstrad CPC and then a PC, she discovered the wonderful world of Nintendo. She loves to play video games together with her son and making the reviews is a joint venture for them!

Serena Dang: is the last writer to join the team, since December 2022. She’s  Chinese Canadian and has a degree in Civil Engineering, but is currently a library technician. Serena is fairly new to gaming, started with Animal Crossing during the pandemic. As she finds that gaming helps with her mental wellbeing she wants to share this passion with others.

Cécile: Cécile is from France and you may not know her name as she works behind the scenes on the tech stuff. She has been with us since August 2020 and kindly jumped in when we had a technical meltdown here at the site. She sure saved the day!

Plus, there’s myself of course! Ever since I started with this blog that grew into LadiesGamers it gave me positive energy. A perfect combination with my full time job at a large bank.

So on behalf of our team, Happy Gaming!

New year ACNH

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