Kickstarter Everafter Falls

Always on the lookout for nice Kickstarters campaign and of course, the words “a mix of Stardew Valley/ Harvest Moon/ Animal Crossing” manages to capture my attention. And that’s what Kickstarter campaign Everafter Falls tell us in its intro. A simulation game combining elements of Action RPG elements. Let’s take a look!

Help on the Farm from Pets, Drones and Pixies!

You wake up to discover the life you previously had on Earth was nothing but a simulation. With no memory of this place, you will explore and rediscover the serene and peaceful existence you once had here. Welcome to Everafter Falls. So, this time no amnesia, but it seems the life we have here is nothing but a dream. Refreshing! 

Everafter Falls will have a core story, but due to the sim elements you can keep playing it indefinitely after that. You are accompanied by a pet that has the ability to dig or water. Saves you time on the farm! Your pet can be taught new abilities. Is your inventory full while traversing the dungeons but you don’t want to travel back to town? Send your pet to town to sell off its inventory while you continue exploring.

What I like is the detail that has gone in making sure there is a huge variety in fruits and vegetables to grown, and it seems they won’t all be available as easily.

You can also craft various drones to help you with farm work, fishing, and general support. Each drone can be enhanced with up to 3 Drone Parts, giving them extra functionality. Support Drones are unique in that they can be equipped and will follow you around. That made me think of Innocent Life: a Futuristic Harvest Moon, that made excellent use of robots helping too!

And if that isn’t enough yet, there’s pixies. Tiny little helpers that can be caught and be placed on various things for different effects.

Simulation and RPG elements

So many things are planned that will make you feel just like taking care of Tom Nooks island. A village to explore and getting to know its inhabitants. Penguin Post with Pip and Pepper, changing seasons, decorating your home and customising your character.

Added to that there will be dungeons and combat, Everafter Falls features a dungeon with many levels and lots of enemies to encounter. The items you collect in this way will help you crafting and refining items too. On this adventure, you’ll meet a lot of fun and strange characters along the way. Complete fun and wacky quests to uncover their stories and earn items that will help you on your journey.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Everafter Falls is being developed by SquareHuskey, a solo developer working passionately on his first major game project for the past 3 years. To make the campaign a success the goal is AUS$ 35,000, of which AUS$ 16,500 is pledged already. With 25 more days to go, the campaign stands a chance to make it, but that, of course is just the beginning of the game becoming a reality.

You can find more information on the Kickstarter Campaign here. The game is planned for Steam in March 2022 and on the Switch mid 2022.

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