Megabyte Punch Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Megabyte Punch
Genre: Adventure, Fighting, Multiplayer, Platformer
System: Nintendo Switch (Also available on PC)
Developers|Publishers: Team Reptile
Price: USD $19.99|CAD $26.45|AUD $29.99|UK £17.99|EU €19,99
Age Rating: EU 7+|AU G|US E
Release Date: 8th of May 2020

Review code provided by Team Reptile 

Megabyte Punch is a Fighting/Beat’em up game developed by Team Reptile the team responsible for Lethal League Blaze. This game takes a whole lot of inspiration from Megaman-style games, Custom Robo and Smash Bros and it’s also the debut game for the studio that came out on Steam in 2013. You play as a customizable robot-type lifeform known as a Megac to save the world. Is the Switch version worth it? Let’s find out in this review!

Retro and Techno-inspired style

Megabyte Punch‘s graphics look really good I really like that it maintains a Retro style for the stages and the hub-world having this 3D Retro aesthetic that fits well. The design for the various Megac parts and enemies also fit well with the art-style and aesthetic.

The Electro Soundtrack for the game also really fits the Retro aesthetic and art style really well with great beats and style that fit the various stages and locations you visit. I feel Team Reptile knows what makes a really good game soundtrack that would fit a Megaman Style game.

Customize & Smash!!!

Like I said before the gameplay takes a lot of inspiration from Megaman, Custom Robo and Smash Bros and it shows with the main adventure having six levels in addition to 2 levels that are exclusive to the Switch version where you explore the various levels, fight enemies, Collect parts to use with your Megac and confront the boss at the end of a level.

The Boss fights where you have to send the boss flying out of the arena with each of them having 3 lives are a particular highlight as that takes the Smash Bros inspiration to 11.

I had a whole lot of fun with the gameplay and mixing and matching the various Megac parts around but I will have to say that the controls took some time getting used to with the Jump button being mapped on the X button and the Customization menu being mapped to the Y button with the Special attack on B and Regular attacks on A and so on. I ended up opening the customization menu by mistake a good few times but I have gotten used to the controls since then.

There is also a Fighting game mode that basically takes the boss fights and allows you to play in a Tournament mode and local multiplayer for both Adventure and Fight portions of the game. Amiibo figures are also supported and can unlock exclusive colors that your Megac can have which is neat for those who are collecting Amiibo.

In Conclusion!

Megabyte Punch is a really neat and fun game to go through. It wears its inspiration on its sleeve and I love the game for it, even if I had to get used to the controls a slight bit. Team Reptile has quickly become one of my favourite Indie Game developers with titles like this and Lethal League Blaze. They are inspired and have a lot of style to them and knowing they are from my home country I can be 100% proud of them.

I recommend this game to fans of Team Reptile and games such as Megaman and Smash Bros.

Final Verdict: I like it a lot




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