Mistover – Demo Impressions – Nintendo Switch

Mistover is an upcoming RPG by Krafton. Which will release on Nintendo Switch, PC and PS4 on the 10th of October. A time trial demo recently released where you can navigate a dungeon with a ten minute time limit.

Looking for info on the full demo that was released in the eShop on September 26? Check it out in this article.

Dungeon Crawling

The game play is comprised of grid dungeon crawling, and turn based combat. The maps are procedurally generated and there is permadeath.  In the trial you are tasked with opening a treasure chest and exiting the area. There are three possible chests but first you need to find the corresponding key to open them.

You can traverse across the floor but whenever you move you lose fullness and luminosity. Fullness can be filled with eating food you find when you search for junk. Luminosity can be recovered by standing near a light flower but you’ll need to sacrifice HP to activate it. Searching for objects in piles of junk also sacrifices your HP. Different classes will give you abilities you can use while exploring. Such as the paladin who can destroy obstacles without sacrificing HP.

Not only are you searching for items and keys but you need to watch out for traps. Which will cause damage and debuffs. Enemies are also lurking around. You can hide in bushes to avoid combat, but they can also do so to ambush you.

Combat and Classes

Once you’ve engaged in battle the screen will change. Instead of fighting them in map like similar looking games I’ve played it turns the encounter into a strategic turn based affair. Your units can swap places around to create different formations which will give them various boosts. There are multiple class types (more in the full game) with different functions. The Ronin actually has to build up his skill points over time by attacking. All attacks have a range in which they can hit. There are many factors at play, including the usual buffs and debuffs. In this demo alone you can see that these enemies have a certain chance to counterattack. Killing them can also inflict you with bleeding. Every attack has a shown hit percentage which is preferable to know.


My first run around I managed to pick up the full set of keys but only opened one chest in time. Running out of Luminosity and Fullness. The second time I had three very long combat counters so again I only got one chest open. After completing you get a QR code based on what chests you opened. Of course the time trial aspect isn’t part of the full game. As it will certainly be challenging enough.

While I’m interested in this game I won’t be able to pick it up near launch, as this and October are busy months. I hope it will help fill my urge for a good Mystery Dungeon-esque game while adding a style of rpg combat I like. Mistover looks quite promising for that. Be sure to try out the demo for yourself if this is your kind of game.

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