Muddledash Review

Game: Muddledash
Genre: Partygame
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer|Publisher: Slumpunks|PQube
Age rating: Everyone
: £4.79|€4.99|$5.39
Important Notice:  This game doesn’t include a single player mode.

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About the Game

Muddledash is a simple action party title that supports two to four players.  Each player controls a fast-moving octopus that’s required to out-race and out-wit fellow combatants. The basic storyline involves a birthday party, four squabbling Octopuses, and one present. The game’s sole objective is to make it to the finish line (the party) with the much-coveted gift in your possession. In victory, the winner is elevated onto a podium, while groups of celebrating octopi look on. That’s Muddledash in a nutshell.

Gameplay & Controls

Players can also choose from a variety of hats and colours.

Muddledash is simple to control.  The left thumbstick makes the octopi run left and right, and buttons A, B, and Y are used to jump, dash, and kick, respectively. While dashing around, gamers have to manoeuvre through each stage while avoiding obstacles such as flatgrass and seedshooters. Flatgrass significantly slows down Octopi whereas seedshooters when activated fire projectiles that knocks them down flat. There are also switch operated rotating platforms, which if used correctly will redirect and frustrate opponents. Also, thanks to the fact that Muddledash generates levels as you play, each gaming session feels fresh and varied.

It’s not just about being fast

Muddledash isn’t simply about speed! Players are also able to use underhanded tactics in order to obtain victory.  For example, if a player lags behind the gift bearer, they may decide to hold back until their octopus falls of the screen.  This will result in their character respawning within touching distance of the gift holder, and if timed correctly, can attack and snatch the present for themselves.

Another tactic involves redirecting and dashing ahead of the octopus carrying the present, hence forcing it off-screen, which results in the gift respawning near your position.  This means that clever players can allow opponents to do all the running, and pounce at the last moment in order to obtain the win.  My six-year-old son mistakenly discovered this tactic and enjoyed numerous victories as a result.

There’s more than one way to win a race in Muddledash.

Visual and Sound

The game’s visuals are basic but colourful. I particularly like the fluidity and detail in the manner in which the octopi run and the way in which the plants move when touched or stood on. The title’s soundtrack also fits well with the game’s overall theme and style.

Suitable for Families and Special Occasions

Muddledash can be played and enjoyed by families and friends.  Even though a large majority of gamers continue to demand wi-fi play, there’s nothing more satisfying (at least in gaming terms) than enjoying a game with players that are literally sat next to you.  The priceless reaction caused by a sudden snatch and grab victory can’t be duplicated through an online service.


I like Muddledash a lot.  It offers a fun multiplayer experience that can be enjoyed by groups of all ages.  It currently costs less than half the price of Runbow, and even though it lacks the content of its more expensive counterpart, it still offers hours of simple but competitive fun.

I like it a lot!





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