BOTW Shrine and side quests

The Return Road: Update #2

Well, I finally did it. After an additional 40+ hours I have finally cleared every one of Zelda’s original Shrines and Side Quests. It became very addictive scouring the map using the Shrine radar and discovering areas I had missed the first time. It really illustrated how deep the game was designed and I highly recommend getting lost as there are so many neat details to discover. The characters too are charming and quite humorous in dishing out side quests which make clever use of the games deeper mechanisms.

So what’s next on my return road? Well, alongside my review commitments and possibly some other new games on my horizon, my original plan was to persevere with the Crash Bandicoot trilogy. When I last left the games, I was part way through the second one. I really enjoy Crash, a big difference in the rebuilds however is the modified physics. The originals tied its cartoony characters and settings with an equally wacky physics engine. The games were still tricky, but it was fun to play too. That’s not to say the remakes aren’t fun to play, but they are different.

The remakes are good, they are amazingly remade and true to their roots. Having Crash on a Nintendo console was previously unheard of so it’s a big deal. My key goal this time will simply be to finish the stories of 2 & 3. There are additional challenges in the form of collecting every box and beating the clock, but simply finishing is a challenge in itself so that’s my target. Until next time!

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