Poll 3DS Game of the Year 2017

With the polls of both Mobile Game of the Year and Vita Game of the Year up, it’s time to put up the poll for 3DS Game of the Year. Looking back on my gaming year and checking out which games I played, I do notice that I’ve played less games on the 3DS then in the years before this. With the arrival of my Switch, my gaming habits definitely changed. The games that I did play though, where wonderful games, each in their own way.

The first one that I played became my Game of the Month March: Story of Seasons Trio of Towns was a real joy. Of course, each Story of Seasons game (and Harvest Moon games as they where called before that) are always a lovely experience. The series is changing constantly, but the basics stay the same: farming, taking care of your animals and socialising. Though that last part isn’t exactly my strong point. At least your neighbours can give you a free meal!

A new IP for Nintendo was the long awaited Ever Oasis. Another good RPG with a smidgeon of simulation elements in it. I wrote down my first thoughts on the game here The game is a mix of action-RPG and town-building elements with a little farming and synthesizing thrown in. It’s set in a beautifully colourful fantasy interpretation of ancient Egypt. Though the game is very much one of a kind!

The last 2017 game I played was Monster Hunter Stories. Set in the Monster Hunter universe, but with a difference. This turn based adventure is all about Riders who form an alliance with monsters and fight alongside them. This RPG is a colourful adventure, and you don’t have to be familiar with the Monster Hunter games to enjoy it.

I know which game I’m going to choose, but what about you? What was your favourite 3DS game this year?

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  1. Hi YvoCaro – my choice is Dragon Quest XI: Sugisarishi Toki o Motomete but not on the poll! I know this will be the only vote for it but it needs to receive it;-)

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