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3rd Pick ‘n’ Mix Gaming List

It’s time for yet another sweet Pick ‘n’ Mix game selection that consists of a selection of budget titles which I believe are worth playing and can be enjoyed in short bursts.  That’s not to say that some of them can’t end up consuming your time because gaming can be a very addictive past time.  It’s important to note that every game listed I’ve played, enjoyed, and highly recommend to others.

Yoshi (3DS eShop & Switch Online)

Yoshi is a NES game that resembles the likes of Tetris but yet adds it’s own twist to the genre. Yoshi is imprisoned in an egg and Mario must rescue him by pairing mushroom kingdom villains in twos, which for some reason are falling from the sky. To score big, players can pair falling foes between two halves of an Yoshi Egg.  The story is weird but the game is fun and somewhat underrated.  It boasts two game modes, multiple difficulty levels, and support for 2 players.  Nintendo players can purchase Yoshi either via the 3DS and Wii U eShop or play it via the new Nintendo Switch Online service NES application.


Hacky Zack – Nintendo Switch (Code kindly provided by Digerati)

Hacky Zack is a fun game that provides the player with plenty of challenge.  I would describe it as a platform puzzler that requires the gamer to act quickly by performing wall jumps and jumping from platform to platform  while trying to control a ball to meet the requirements of each stage. The objective of each stage varies depending on which game mode you play. Goal requires the player to strike each goal with the ball but this sounds far easier than it actually is.  Stages quickly become tough due to obstacles such as platforms, and other obstructions which require patience in order to figure out a solution. Target stages are unlocked after collecting stickers in Goal mode.  Target mode requires the player to hit gems with the ball in similarly designed stages. If you get really good, players can earn further unlockables such as new characters.  The Switch version also includes an exclusive 2 player mode.

If you want a fun game with nice pixel visuals and plenty of challenge then Hacky Zack is for you. If you want to know more; Evriun wrote an in depth review here: Hacky Zack (Switch) Review.

Yeah Bunny (Mobile)

I never thought I would ever write about a mobile game unless it was something like Super Mario Run.  Well, that was before I picked up Yeah Bunny for Mobile.  Yeah Bunny like Super Mario Run is a autorun platformer but its a nice quality title that costs considerably less,  The game is cute, suitable for the whole family, and even though it’s free to play, unlimited lives costs less than £2 to unlock.  The free to play model is still fun to play but limited in that continuation depends on the number of carrots players collect in-game.  In my opinion the game is fun enough to warrant a purchase.

Tearaway (PS Vita)

When I first purchased Sony’s PSVita, Tearaway (thanks to a recommendation from Yvonne) was one of the first games I played.  The game itself is a delightful 3D platforming adventure that’s set in a magical world made of paper. In the game, the player controls either Iota or Atoi, whose task is to deliver a message to you the player, whose face (thanks the systems camera) appears in game teletubbies style.  The game is fairly short but lovingly crafted, and highlights the technical wizardry of Sony’s long abandoned system.  It uses the systems touch screen, rear touch pad, and camera to perfection.  Additional game time can be enjoyed if players seek to obtain 100% completion for each stage.  In her review from 2015, Yvonne wrote: “It really shows all the Vita’s possibilities to perfection. The game is colorful, quirky and fun to do, so even if you are not new to the Vita it’s a good buy.”  Check out Yvonne’s full writeup here.

As of today, the game costs £11.99 via the PSN store.

Billiards (Nintendo Switch)

It may seems somewhat unusual to some to mention Billiard but this is a fun game.  If you like Pool simulations then Billiard is for you.  The game looks and controls well and will have you playing like a pro in no time at all.  It supports 1-2 players, includes a tournament mode, and 3 game modes.

So this concludes my gaming selection for this week.  If you have any budget gaming suggestions for me to add to our weekly selection then please let me know by using the comment section below.  I wish everyone a great gaming weekend!

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