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Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Bunny Day Egg Hunting Guide

The first seasonal event in Animal Crossing New Horizons is out! Bunny Day will arrive on April 12th BUT there is more to be done beforehand. While we don’t yet know what happens on the day, on the days leading up to it there’s an egg hunt. These special eggs are used to craft the new set of Bunny Day furniture and clothing.

Zipper T. says you’ll get a reward if you craft everything by Bunny Day (when we know what that is we’ll update here). Here’s a quick guide on finding those eggs and what you can craft, this will be updated as we find more.

Getting Started

First you’ll need to have downloaded the latest update, if you haven’t done so: In your home menu over Animal Crossing press the + button and find software update via the internet to download and install it.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Then from anytime starting April 1st to the 12th open up your game and look for Zipper T. Bunny. After talking to him you’ll be given your first recipe. From then on you can find recipes for other event items the usual ways such as in bottles by the beach and from balloons. There are other methods such as the egg outfit recipes that can be obtained by finding approximately twenty of a particular egg (this isn’t something I’m 100% sure on just yet). Sometimes your villagers will run up to you and if you talk to them (hopefully not hitting them with a net) they might give you a recipe.

Different kind of Eggs

There are six different egg types, here’s how to get them:

  • Earth: Dig up marked spots, the same as fossils.
  • Stone: Hit rocks with either your shovel or axe (make sure to remove weeds and dig holes behind you so you can hit the rock eight times).
  • Leaf: These can be found sitting on trees just like fruit so shake it, then you can pick them up.
  • Wood: Chop a tree (remember hitting a tree three times with an Axe chops it down, but using a stone or flimsy won’t).
  • Sky: Hitting balloons that have colourful stripes  (make sure to not shoot them down over water or objects, including flowers, or you won’t get the present). Be sure to keep a spare slingshot on you!


Recipes (to be updated)

DIY recipes can be found hidden around such as from balloons or in bottles on the beach. Certain recipes such as the egg outfits can be learned by finding approximately 20 of a particular egg. You will need to find and learn the recipes yourself. Here’s a list of the required ingredients as we find them:

  • Bunny Day Bed: One of each (Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky and Water egg)
  • Bunny Day Wall Clock: 3 Sky eggs
  • Bunny Day Rug: One of each
  • Bunny Day Wardrobe: 4 Stone eggs
  • Bunny Day Stool: 3 Water eggs
  • Bunny Day Table: 4 Earth eggs
  • Bunny Day Wall: Two of each (Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky and Water egg)
  • Bunny Day Flooring: Two of each
  • Bunny Day Fence: One of each

  • Bunny Day Lamp: 4 Wood eggs
  • Bunny Day Arch: Two of each
  • Bunny Day Glowing Garland: One of each
  • Bunny Day Vanity: 4 Leaf eggs
  • Bunny Day Wreath: One of each
  • Bunny Day Festive Balloons: 1 Stone egg, 1 Wood egg, 1 Water egg
  • Bunny Day Merry Balloons: 1 Earth egg, 1 Leaf egg, 1 Sky egg
  • Bunny Day Crown: One of each (Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky and Water egg)
  • Bunny Day Bag: One of each
  • Bunny Day Zipper Toy: Four of Each
  • Bunny Day Wand: need Zipper Toy and three star fragments

Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are three egg clothing pieces for every kind of egg, a shell hat, outfit and shoes. These use only the eggs specific to them for example wood eggs for wood-egg shoes but all the pieces use the same amount.

  • -egg Shell: 2 Eggs
  • -egg Outfit: 3 Eggs
  • -egg shoes: 2 Eggs

When you have them all, for each kind of egg, you can make a Party Outfit: is is made up out of a

  • Hat: Two of each eggs
  • Dress: Three of each eggs

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bunny Day

When Easter Day arrives, or Bunny Day as it’s called in Animal Crossing, talk to Zipper to receive the Bunny Day Arch recipe. Once you’ve completed every recipe he’ll give you another one: Wobbling Zipper Toy (4 of each).

After crafting it and returning to Zipper he’ll reward you with a recipe for Bunny Day Wand (Wobbling Zipper Toy + 3 Star Fragments).

On Bunny Day you can exchange three of one kind of egg for one of another you want. So three water for one sky for example. When you have one of each kind of egg talk to Zipper and he’ll take one of each and give you a Bunny Day basket. You can continue to exchange eggs for more Bunny Day baskets.

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