Animal Crossing New Horizons Collector Box Review – The Perfect Gift for an Animal Crossing Fan?

Recently an official collector’s box for Animal Crossing New Horizons released. It’s full of goodies based on the game and is a good choice of present for someone who already owns and loves the game. I’ll be over viewing the content of the box and rating it on whether it’s a good choice for personal purchase or as a gift.

Straight From The NookStore

The packing (once you’ve strewn aside the labelling) appears exactly like the boxes you receive in game if you order from either the Nook Stop or Nook Shopping. To the extend of having fake tape printed on to match!

The box contains the following:

  • Timmy and Tommy Wooden Block Calendar
  • Bell Bag Throw Blanket
  • Tabbed Journal
  • Fuzzy Isabelle Socks
  • Turnip Sticky Notes
  • Peach Shaped and Scented Squishy
  • Nook Inc. Drawstring Bag

Quality Services

The Wooden Block calendar is of decent size and is fully wooden, even the little Timmy and Tommy up top to brighten up your day are a little thick. It’s the kind of daily calendar where you turn the blocks over for each new day. It works nicely on a bedside table or near the front of the house. Unfortunately there is one issue with it some numbers are only on one block such as the 3 and 0. Meaning you cannot correctly display the days 03, 04, 05 and 30. While it doesn’t make the box not worth purchasing it is rather annoying since it’s an item I’d be meaning to have for a while.

The throw blanket is styled after the Bell Bag Rug in game, though I would certainly not step on it. It’s a very thin blanket, but a nice large size (taller than most children and can cover a Snorlax Bean Bag!). Fans of the game would appreciate it’s accuracy of appearance.

The tabbed A5 journal is rather basic but a nice item with roughtly 70 pages. It has the cover art of the game on front, and the tabs are the different fruits in game. It’s lined with a nice pattern and the tab pages have a semi transparent plastic page with the corresponding fruit on them.


The cozy socks are the soft and fuzzy kind in yellow with brown at the heels to imitiate the character Isabelle. Her face is also embroidered on the sides. It’s a one size fits all pair of socks but wouldn’t fit a child. I’m roughly a size 6.5 (US) and 37 (EU) and they fit me just right.

The sticky notes are shaped and printed like the turnips found and exchanged in game. There are about forty of them are are decent, but be careful when peeling them off.

The Peach squishy is labelled as a stress ball but it’s much too soft and bounces back a lot more like a Squishy toy (which were all the rage at least a couple years ago). It’s quite a big size and I think kids and adults alike will like it. It’s also a lovely peach scent which makes me pine greatly for some Japanese Peach Coca Cola. Animal Crossing New Horizons

The drawstring bag is style after the Nook Inc. Knapsack and looks strikingly similar. Though this is a much cheaper sort of standard drawstring bag. It’s a decent size as I can fit a big Isabelle plush head into it (not included in the box.)


This is a near perfect gift for the Animal Crossing fan and has cooler items than the average game related gift box. Unfortunately there was quite an oversight with the calendar meaning some days won’t be displayed correctly. But thankfully that’s the only flaw with it (and it’s a smidge overpriced in Australia).

You can purchase this in Australia through EBGames for $68.00 AU. While in America you can possibly find it in a Target for $29.99. Though it is hard to get at the moment, having been sold out on Culture Fly’s site.

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