Atelier Arland: the three games come to the Switch for the first time

In a couple of days, Atelier Rorona, Atelier Meruru and Atelier Totori are coming to the Switch.  If you like crafting RPG, these games are great fun. The games are already in the upcoming games section in the European eShop, I haven’t found them yet in the American store. December 4 is the date that you can download the games (no physical release). There are a few options: you can get them in one package but you can also download the games separately. Which is good, as you might have played one of the games already.

All three games come with all the previously released DLC. The deluxe edition with all three games and the DLC is available for € 89,99. The games are € 39,99 separately. I have all three games on my Vita, and I have completed Rorona. It was the first ever Atelier game I played so I have very fond memories (find them here).

And don’t forget: a brand-new Arland game is in the works too, featuring Rorona’s daughter  Lulua. That game is expected spring 2019: A new Atelier Arland game is coming: Atelier Lulua

Meet the heroines of the three games.

Rorolina Frixell

Though a bit of a lay about, this young girl is energetic and bright and loves alchemy. On behalf of her mentor, the owner of the Atelier, she undertakes to fulfil the requests of the country. Her nickname is Rorona and she loves to bake pies.

Totooria Helmold

A young girl who lives on the outskirts of Arland with her sister and father. Shy and timid from birth, since starting Alchemy she has gradually been improving. Her nickname is Totori.

Merurulince Rede Arls

Princess of Arls, whose nickname is Meruru. Bright and positive, she has a tendency to act before she thinks. She wants her country to prosper, and chooses to use Alchemy to make that happen


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  1. I will skip these games, as I have previously played them on PlayStation. Can’t wait for next year’s new release though. Rorona had a daughter? I wonder who the father is. Glad that she didn’t stay stuck as a little kid.

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