The Best of 2022

Best of 2022: Paula’s Choice

It’s that time of year when the team at LadiesGamers think about their favourite game of 2022.

I’ve had a fantastic year playing many great games for review and some not-so-great games. However, there have been a few stand-out titles in the last year. Games that I really enjoyed playing and thought about long after I’d finished them.

Best of 2022

old world LadiesGamers

6 – Old World

Old World is the best of this year’s new 4X strategy games and was developed by Mohawk Games. I loved playing it for review, and I was excited for LadiesGamers to have the chance to interview the developers, Soren Johnson and his wife, Leyla.

Old World begins much like other 4Xs in that players choose a nation/leader. Once you select a leader, you get standard features like map type, size, number of opponents, and difficulty. The game aims to complete ten ambitions or achieve maximum victory points through cultural development.

old world LadiesGamers

The game follows the traditional 4X formula of settling cities, developing settlements, constructing improvements and wonders, recruiting troops, and researching technologies. However, the involvement of your leader’s ruling family is different from the usual 4X gameplay. It is the way the game engages you with numerous random narrative events that pop up in a game I like the most and that the characters grow old and die. Both elements give Old World a different feel from other 4X games.

5 – Lord Winklebottom Investigates

Lord Winklebottom LadiesGamers

Lord Winklebottom Investigates is a point-and-click murder mystery based on the 1920s era and set in England. It reminded me of Agatha Christie mysteries or Sherlock Holmes when I played it for review back in July.

Lord Winklebottom LadiesGamers
London 1920

For a game developed by a solo dev, it is very polished, and I love all the English characters who happen to be animals. The puzzles can be real brain teasers’ so you better have your wits about you to solve the mystery of Lord Winklebottoms murder.

4 – The Spirit and the Mouse

The Spirit and the Mouse LadiesGamers

Being a previous owner of pet mice and rats, I couldn’t resist playing The Spirit and the Mouse. The game is a narrative-focused adventure where a cute mouse named Lila is the central character.

The Spirit and the Mouse LadiesGamers

After a shocking thunderstorm in the village of Sainte-et-Claire, Lila encounters the Spirit guardian, and the two decide to work together to restore power to the town and help the folk that live there. It is a warm-hearted tale where you befriend electric spirits called Kibblins, solve puzzles and illuminate this village once more.

3 – Lost in Play

lost in play LadiesGamers
Opening scenes

A wholesome adventure game, Lost in Play, had me thinking about the game long after I’d finished playing it. That’s the sign of a good game in my book.

steam fest ladiesgamers

It tells the tale of Toto and Gal, a pair of rambunctious siblings who end up far from home after getting lost inside a fantasy world of their own imagining. Unfortunately, they’ll be stuck there forever if they don’t find a way back before nightfall. Lost in Play is packed with puzzles and is a feel-good game, like curling up with a good book and then wondering where the time has gone.

2 – Against the Storm

Against the Storm LadiesGamers

Against the Storm is a dark fantasy city builder where you rebuild civilization in the face of apocalyptic rains. As the Queen’s Viceroy, you lead humans, beavers, lizards, and harpies to reclaim the wilderness and secure a future for civilization’s last survivors.

Against the Storm LadiesGamers

When I played Against the Storm, the game was released to Early Access. I’ve played many early-access games, and many of them have been in various development stages. However, Against the Storm blew me away with how polished the game is at the EA stage.

You can tell while playing that the developers are devoted to their game. It is constantly being updated and improved.

Joint 1st – Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers

Dragon Quest Treasures is a late addition to my Best of 2022 games. Released on the Nintendo Switch not long ago, it is a fun and enjoyable romp through the world of Draconia. Completely different from the main game in the series. It is a treasure-hunting RPG game with numerous quests to complete in an open world. Filled with familiar characters and the music and humour that all Dragon Quest fans adore.

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers

Dragon Quest Treasures is an absolute delight to play, where you can take your time and discover all corners of Draconia without pressure. There is an amazing amount of quests to complete, accompanied by a recognisable cast of lovable characters. Hunting for shiny, sparking treasure is such fun and full of surprises.

 Joint 1st – Cities: Skylines DLCs & Content Creator Packs

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers

I’ve been playing Cities: Skylines on and off since its release in 2015. Although I’d mainly been playing it on the Nintendo Switch until 2021, when I bought a gaming laptop and downloaded the game.

I have played it a lot in the last year since I reviewed Cities: Skylines – Airports DLC back in January. Reviewing the DLC reminded me why I love the game and have been hooked on it ever since.

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers

Cities: Skylines is the best city-building game there is. Incorporating mods into the gameplay gives me more freedom to design the city of my dreams. Over 1000 hours of playtime later, I’m still playing the game. Cities: Skylines is the go-to game of the moment. I play it when I’m not playing a review game, and it has definitely been my favourite game of 2022, even if it was released years ago.

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers


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