Café Enchanté

Café Enchanté Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Café Enchanté
Genre: Visual Novel
System: Nintendo Switch
Developers | Publishers:  Design Factory| Otomate| Idea Factory|Aksys Games
Age Rating: EU 12+ | USA T
Price: EU €49,99 | USD $49.99 | UK £44.49
Release Date: November 5th, 2020

Review code used, with many thanks to Aksys Games

The first ever Visual Novel I played was Code Realize – Guardian of Rebirth and I loved it. Combining reading a good book and meanwhile doing what you love best, playing a video game, is good fun. Since then, I don’t often take the time to dive in a game of the same genre, butI was really looking forward to playing Café Enchanté by the same developers team.

First and Only Spoiler Free Chapter

All I knew beforehand is what was described on the Nintendo website about Café Enchanté:

“When Kotone inherits her grandfather’s Tokyo café, she discovers the shop holds more secrets than anyone could imagine. The café is a meeting spot for beings from multiple, mystical worlds. You’ll meet the king of demons, a humanoid beast, a fallen angel, and more. And when government agents monitoring non-human activities show up at your door, your new café is about to become a lot more colorful.”

Café Enchanté
Café Enchanté is open for business

Even if I didn’t know any more, when you know about Visual Novels, or Otome games, you know what to expect. The main character is a girl that meets good looking guys that are all besotted by her. And depending on the choices you make in the game, the girl experiences a love story with one of them. Or all of them, but one after another, because you get to do various  play throughs. It may sound a bit corny, but come on: who doesn’t love a good love story? Escape everyday life and be the lucky lady who gets an overdose of romance, can’t say no to that now can you?

If you don’t want any spoilers I’ll make it easy for you and include my thoughts about Café Enchanté here. So you can just stop reading after this chapter and try the game for yourself!

Café Enchanté
Good looking guys in abundance

I love Café Enchanté! It’s so much more then just a love story with beautiful guys. Mistake me not, they are indeed hot guys, even if a little strange (my taste, yours might differ). But aside from that, the story line of the main story is a real treat, it kept me playing to know what would happen next. Café Enchanté takes directions that I hadn’t expected, and doesn’t limit itself to building up just the love interest.

So, know enough? Or will you read on and risk some spoilers? Here goes!

Humans and Non-Humans Alike

You are Kotone Awaki, and you inherit the keys to the café your grandfather, Souan, left you after he died. In a letter Souan Awaki declares that it’s your choice to either continue the Café or close it up, and go back to your own life.

Kotone visits the Café in Tokyo, an elaborate three-story building that looks imposing. She investigates the rooms and finds one that is labeled Staff Only. Beyond it you find a room with a single ornate door with a plaque on it that reads “Closed”. Of course, Kotone can’t resist and turns the plaque around to “Open”.  To find the door swinging open and Kotone herself in the arms of a strange looking man.

Café Enchanté
Meet Mysir

It’s the start of a fantastic adventure. Kotone finds out that the coffee shop had a strange clientele. There’s  a demon lord named Misyr, the one who was so cheeky to embrace Kotone. There’s a fairy knight called Canus, a fallen angel named Il and a demon beast named Ignis. And to add a bit of a twist to the story, the only other regular visitor to the Café is Kaoru Rindo. Among all the non-humans he’s a real human guy and is also the head of a government agency that’s researching and monitoring the nonhuman activity, specimens, and other  unexplainable phenomena occurring in our human world.

Café Enchanté
Meet Kaoru Rindo

Turns out that your grandfather was host to this bunch a non-humans. Serving them special coffees and meals and having them stay over in their specially assigned rooms. The Ornate Door is really an entrance to other worlds, which is why you get to know so many special characters.

Kotone of course chooses to keep Café Enchanté open, she learns how to run the coffee shop, make good coffee, which seems to be an art on itself.

A Special Group of Friends

This is no short novel, the rather long main story line looks into the background of all characters, including Kotone herself. She learns about the government agency and the worlds of the non-humans. There’s excitement, mystery, romance and some sadness too. Eventually, Café Enchanté branches off into the other characters’ story lines (of the romantic kind) and these are well-fleshed out as well though shorter.

Café Enchanté
Emotions, even without a head

What I loved is that the characters are relatable, even the headless knight Canus. And surprisingly, even without the head you can clearly see his emotions. You’d think a guy like Misyr, who is a demon lord after all, isn’t romance material, but in reality (or is it an alternate reality?), it works.

Café Enchanté has another element that made this a wonderful game for me: friendship and a sense of camaraderie between the guys. You wouldn’t expect this, as after all, what can a fallen Angle have in common with a demon Beast? For some reason it works, and it made me feel good to be a part of this special group of friends.

Café Enchanté
Il loves Otome games and is that a Switch?


A lot of attention has gone into the detail. The Home menu screen looks like a restaurant menu card. The text bar has great decorations on it that change in color. The music in the background is soothing and the artwork is awesome. The game works well in handheld mode, using buttons or touch screen.

Café Enchanté
A lovely looking Menu

Love romantic stories? This is one with a twist. Not into overly romantic? This visual novel brings an interesting story to the table, so it may still be one to go for.

Can you tell I’m loving this game? Aksys have a tendency of bringing us the best visual novels, and Café Enchanté is no exception.

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot!


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