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Civilization 6 (Switch) Beginners Guide 15 New Frontier Pass Leaders

With the release of the New Frontier pass for Civilization 6 it’s time to update our leaders guides with the additional leaders that have been released so far. Our other New Frontiers Pass Leaders guide can be found here. You can find all our other Civilization 6 Guides here!

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Menelik II

Menelik II is the leader of the Ethiopia Civilization.

Leader Unique Ability: Council of Ministers.

Ethiopian cities gain Science and Culture equal to 15% of your Faith generation in cities founded on Hills. Units receive +4  Combat Strength on Hills.

Leader Agenda: Ethiopian Highlands

Menelik enjoys building on and around Hills if possible, and likes other civilizations that leave the areas near Hills to him. Dislikes those who also settle and build on and around Hills.

Civilization Unique Unit: Oromo Cavalry Unit,

Ethiopian unique Medieval era light cavalry unit. Stronger and greater sight than the Courser that it replaces. Receives no movement penalty from moving in Hills. Higher combat strength 46 vs 44.

Civilization Unique Ability: Aksumite Legacy

Ethiopia’s International Trade Routes grant +0.5  Faith per resource at the starting city. Improved resources provide +1  Faith for each copy the city owns. Can purchase Archaeological Museums and Archaeologists with  Faith.

Civilisation Unique Building: Rock-Hewn Church

Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Rock-Hewn Church, unique to Ethiopia, which provides +1  Faith. Gain +1  Faith for every adjacent Mountain and Hills tile. Provides Tourism after researching Flight from Faith +1 Appeal. Can only be pillaged, never destroyed by natural disasters. Can only be built on Hills or Volcanic Soil not adjacent to another Rock-Hewn Church.

Tips for Gameplay

Menelik’s focus is on a defensive, religious and culture-based play. Ethiopia’s advantages come into play by settling the hills: the Council of Ministers gives Ethiopia a bonus to Science and Culture equal to 15% of  Faith production in hill-based cities. Menelik can build Rock-Hewn Churches on hills, further boosting his  Faith. To protect his monasteries, Menelik has the Oromo Cavalry, a mid-game unit that moves without penalties in the hills. Menelik can make sure that Ethiopian cities remain free and remain powerhouses of  Faith. Later in the game, Menelik can use this Faith to purchase Archaeologists, making his best strategy a Religious or Culture Victory.  

Civ 6 guide new frontier leaders LadiesGamers

New Skins for Teddy and Catherine

A couple of the original leaders in the base game have been updated and included in the New Frontier pack in what is called a Persona Pack. Its basically a new skin and new abilities and agendas for Theodore Roosevelt Leader of America and Catherine De Medici Leader of France. Now you will have two Teddy’s and two Catherine’s to pick between to be leader of your civilization. Both the original Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici are still in the game as well!

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Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider

Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider, 2nd Leader of the American Civilization 

Leader Unique Ability: Roosevelt Corollary

Teddy’s Units receive +5 Combat Strength on their home continent. Envoys sent to City-States you have a Trade Route to count as two Envoys. Gain the Rough Rider heavy Calvary unique unit with Rifling.

Leader Agenda: Big Stick Policy

Teddy likes peaceful civilizations that have a city on his home continent. Teddy dislikes civilizations starting wars on his continent.

Unique Unit: Rough Rider

American unique Industrial era unit when Teddy Roosevelt rough rider is their leader.  Culture is earned from kills on their Capital’s continent. +10  Combat Strength when fighting on Hills. Lower maintenance cost.

Tips for Gameplay

Rough Rider Teddy is good for a few different victories you can either go for Domination or a Culture victory. Between the bonuses from Roosevelt’s leader ability, the Rough Riders are perfect for facing invasions, as they can receive up to 15 extra Combat Strength if fighting on Hills on their home continent. The unit also receives Culture for kills on your capitals hexes.

That means that you can finish conquering every one else on your continent if you want to. However, try not to wipe them out completely, as Cultural Victory is easier the more opponents you have, since you will have more civilizations to draw tourists from. You can just leave your neighbors one or two cities, especially if those cities are not on your home continent.

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Catherine De Medici Magnificence

Catherine De Medici Magnificence, 2nd Leader of the French Civilization 

Unique Ability: Catherine’s Magnificences

Improved Luxury resources adjacent to Theater Square districts or Châteaux receive +2 Culture. May initiate the Court Festival project in any city with a Theater Square district. When the project finishes, players earn Culture and Tourism based on the number of excess copies of Luxury resources France possesses.

Leader Agenda: Sumptuous Finery

Catherine likes civilizations that trade Luxury resources to France. She dislikes  civilizations that have not made such a trade. Catherine tries to collect as many copies of Luxury resources as France possesses.

Tips for Gameplay

Playing as Catherine De Medici Magnificence and with her liking to amass a large collection of luxury resources and Château building program with lavish Court Festivals. Earning large amounts of Culture that can quickly push France toward a Culture Victory.

Civ 6 guide new frontier leaders. LadiesGamers

Basil II

Basil II is the leader of the Byzantium Civilization.

Leader Unique Ability: Porphyrogénnētos

Heavy and light Cavalry units deal full damage when attacking cities following the same Religion as Byzantium. Gain the Tagma unique unit with the Divine Right Civic completed.

Leader Agenda: Divine Guardian

Basil Focuses on spreading his Religion to other civilizations, and likes those who follow it. Dislikes those that don’t follow his Religion.

Unique Unit:  Tagma

Basil II’s unique Medieval era unit replaces the Knight. Land units within 1 tile of the Tagma receive +4 Combat or Religious strength. The Tagma unit ignores zone of control, can be built after completion of Divine Right Civic.

Civilization Unique Ability: Taxis

Grants +3 combat strength to units additional Combat and Religious Strength for each Holy City including their own.  Religion is spread to nearby cities when the Byzantium defeat enemy units. Gain +1 Great Prophet points from Holy sites.

Civilization Unique Building: Hippodrome

A district unique to Byzantium. Replaces the Entertainment Complex district, and provides +3  Amenities, and cheaper to build. When the Hippodrome and buildings in this district are constructed receive a Heavy Cavalry unit. The free unit does not require resources when created or to maintain.

Civilization unique unit: Dromon

Byzantine unique Classical Era unit that replaces the Quadrireme that has additional range and receives +10  Combat Strength against units.

Tips for Gameplay

The first priority for the Byzantines is to found a religion, and spread it, as victories in the religious realm lead to increased military strength and vice-versa. Their unique Taxis ability gives them additional Combat and Religious Strength for every Holy City converted, and the Byzantine founded religion spreads when defeating opposing units.

If you do manage to convert your rival’s cities to your religion, Basil’s unique ability allows melee attacks to do full damage against them. The Tagma unique unit gives additional strength to any religious or military unit adjacent to it. Byzantium is well setup to win either a Religious or Domination Victory.

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 Ambiorix is Leader of the Gaul Civilization 

Leader Unique Ability: King of the Eburones

Your civilization gains Culture equal to 20% of the unit’s cost when a non civilian is trained. Melee, anti-cavalry, and ranged units receive +2  Combat Strength for every adjacent combat unit.

Leader Agenda: Scourge of Rome

As leader of the Gauls, Ambiorix centres on having many military units and likes those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations that have few military units.

Unique Unit: Garsatae

A Gallic unique Ancient era unit that replaces the Warrior. This unit has increased cost and receives +10  Combat Strength when fighting units with a higher base Combat Strength. +5  Combat Strength vs. district defenses.

Civilization Unique Ability: Hallstatt Culture

Mines provide a minor adjacency bonus for all districts, and trigger a Culture Bomb of unowned territory hex’s, and receive +1  Culture. Specialty districts do not receive a minor adjacency for being adjacent to another district and these districts cannot be built adjacent to the City Center.

Civilization Unique Building: Oppidum

A district unique to Gaul that is cheaper and available earlier than the district it replaces, the Industrial Zone. Unlocked on completion of Iron Working Civic. The Oppidum district is defensible with a ranged attack. When the first Oppidum is constructed the Apprenticeship technology is unlocked.

Tips for Gameplay

Build mines to make the most of the Gauls under Ambiorix and using this production to train an onslaught of units. Gaul’s unique civilization ability gives mines adjacency bonuses as well as Culture and Tourism, meaning that building a lot of them is a must.

In war, Ambiorix’s unique agenda gives strength to units adjacent to each other, meaning that the more units, the stronger the army. To make Gaulish armies more effective, the Gaesatae unit gains bonuses when attacking cities or units stronger than it. The unique district, the Oppidum, unlocks early and also carries with it a high adjacency bonus. Gaul is very strong for those seeking a Domination Victory, but also can be made to be an effective Culture-focused civilization as well.

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The last part of the New Frontier pack to be released this year on the 19th November has a new Leader and new Civilization, plus a new game mode and city states. The new leader is Hammurabi of the Civilization Babylon.

Hammurabi Leader of the Babylon Civilization 

Leader Unique Ability: Ninu Ilum Sirum

Once each type of specialty District is built for the first time, it instantly receives the building with the lowest Production cost that can be built in that District. This unique ability works on all Districts except for the Government Plaza District. Upon building any other District for the first time you receive a free Envoy.

Leader Agenda: Cradle of Civilization

Hammurabi likes to build every type of District and like those who do the same. Dislikes civilizations that do not build every type of District.

Civilization Unique Unit: Sabum Kibittum

Babylonian unique Ancient Era melee unit. +17 Combat Strength against heavy and light cavalry units. +10 Combat Strength versus anti-cavalry unit. With high movement and high sight.

Civilization Unique Ability: Enuma Anu Enlil

This ability allows Eurekas to instantly unlock their respective full technologies, -50% Science per turn.

Civilization Unique Building:  Palgum

Ancient era building which replaces the Water Mill, unlocked when the Wheel civic is completed. Gives +2 production, + 1 housing +1 Food to all adjacent hexes which are adjacent to a source of fresh water.

Tips for Gameplay

Babylon’s strategy depends upon using its unique abilities to leap ahead in the science race. Though Hammurabi has to contend with -50%  Science each turn. But the good thing is Eurekas give you the full science bonus to unlock technologies. Which is a big boost in its self.

As an effective Babylonian ruler you can use the Sabum Kibittum to explore the map, triggering more Eurekas by finding Natural Wonders, other Civilizations, and Tribal Villages. Hammurabi can achieve a win by heading for a Science Victory.

Civ 6 guide new frontier leaders LadiesGamers

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