Gaming news 38

Some coffee and gaming news, week 38

Hi there, come on in! Time for this weeks gaming news, let’s share a nice cup of coffee. Still no whipped cream on top for me, lean times with black coffee! I’ll just put the scrumptious picture of the caramel coffee up there to gawk at. It’s officially Autumn now, so I felt it was time to adorn the website with the Autumn banner and background again, just to get in the mood for the beautiful colours the trees are about to show us.

Time for this weeks gaming news!

Mystic Messenger useful links

Last week I mentioned this mobile outcome game that somehow made its way to mobile devices without much fanfare. Mystic Messenger had you chatting with nice looking young guys and adds a dash of mystery in the mix too. What appeals to me is how well the game integrates with what you do on a daily basis on your mobile anyway: messaging, chatting, emailing, exchanging pictures and even actually calling you. Don’t worry about that though, you’re not really calling anyone of course.

Still, the game is a bit confusing at times, so when I saw this helpful Mystic Messenger Links Compilation I felt it might come in really handy. Thanks HijackedCat for all your work gathering this!mystic messenger

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Cyber Arena

Remember how I told you about this new upcoming Digimon game before? It will be a new Digimon adventure for the 3DS. But before the full game is in stores, Bandai Namco has released Appli Monsters: Cyber Arena  as a 3DS eShop download this week. My Japanese 3DS is downloading the free part of the game right now, more news to come!

This game has the Appmon that can be acquired in the game, plus you will also be able to get them through QR codes from the “Appmon Chips”. These chips are released in in Japan in October. They are compatible with the “Appli Drive” toy, a device that has its own modes and features. The Appmon Chips will also be compatible with the smartphone app.

Kingdom’s Item Shop

Prompted by another blogger, I downloaded Kingdom’s Item Shop today for the low price of $5. I figured I couldn’t go wrong there, as she and I tend to like the same kind of games. You run an item shop in town (well, that was a giveaway, right?). First though, you need items to sell, which you can gather by hiring mercenaries or wizards to do your battling for you. While you gather the items the monsters drop.

What I liked even more though is that you can collect recipes as well, to make new items in the local restaurant. That’s just the start though, as you go on to craft new items at the local blacksmith, fashion designer etc. And not all recipes are clear from the beginning: you get hints to figure out what you need to combine. Really nice gameplay and for a small price. Thanks for the tip, Emi!

 RPG Creator App coming to iOS

This little snippet of news interests me. It’s about RPG Creator, a game that has you creating your very own RPG adventure using basic tools. You can either build on your iPad or your iPhone and I think it looks very interesting. What’s even nicer is that there is a free lite version with which you can give it a try first. To see if you like it. It will be available on September 25, so pretty soon.

So many good games, so little time to play. Plus, I’m still very much into my sim games of the moment. Style Savvy and Animal Crossing are keeping me busy, and prompted me to write an article called Playing video games aimed at girls less cool? The debate really had me fired up, nice comments from all of you too.

Well, enough for now. Don’t forget that the demo for Yo-Kai Watch 2 is now downloadable in the American 3DS eShop, and it will be available on September 30. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your gaming weekend!


    1. Somehow Mystic Messenger manages to let you feel the exitement as if the guys are really at the other end I feel your chat session. They managed that very well!

    1. Me neither. It’s hard to put a finger on, but for some reason I cannot put it down. They have all the elements I love done right, although it is rather simplistic looking. Still, it’s keeping me entertained.

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