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Cube Blast Match Review

Game: Cube Blast Match
Genre: Puzzle, Arcade, Action
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Mobile)
Developers | Publishers: isTom Games
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $18.00 | UK £16.19 | EU € 18,00
Release Date: June 24th, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to isTom Games

IsTom Games is an independent mobile game development team based in Hungary. They have released quite a few mobile games and ported some of them over to the Switch. Cube Blast Match is one such game that has been ported to the Switch.

Cube Blast Match LadiesGamers
Match the coloured cubes

Blast the Cubes

Cube Blast Match is a match-3 game with a difference. Instead of a flat board to match the colours on it’s a 3D tower that revolves. This makes the gameplay quite interesting and a little different from the normal Match-3 games. The idea is to match the coloured cubes within the set amount of moves the player is given.

The cube tower can be turned by using the D-pad or the left stick. Using either the A button or the ZR buttons the player can remove the cubes that have been matched by colour.

Cube Blast Match LadiesGamers
Blast the cubes

Boosts and Bombs

Each of the 100 levels in the game has a goal for the player to reach. Such as matching twenty green cubes, or using colour bombs to clear a particular set of coloured cubes. I like this as it gives you something to work towards other than matching colours.

Cube Blast Match LadiesGamers
Boom Boom

Coins are collected as the cubes are matched and these coins can be used in-game to purchase power-ups. Power-ups such as a Hammer that removes specific cubes or bombs for blowing a line of cubes up. The bombs are the power-up I enjoy using most out of them all, watching a column of cubes being obliterated is a lot of fun.

Cube Blast Match LadiesGamers
Good effects.

Earn Power-ups

Additionally, power-ups can be earned on the levels by removing large numbers of cubes at once. A rocket might appear nestled in a row of cubes, which when activated will remove a whole column of cubes. So it pays to be constantly rotating the tower to provide the best view for removing the cubes.

All stages are locked until the player completes the previous stage. If you do get stuck be prepared to not be able to advance in the game until that stage is complete.

Cube Blast Match LadiesGamers
gaols to complete on each stage.

Visuals and Controls

Visually Cube Blast Match looks pretty good on the Nintendo Switch. All the kinds of things you expect to see in this style of game are there. It has bright, colourful and cheerful stages. As the game progresses the backgrounds the stages are set in change to, giving different varieties of backgrounds. Sound effects and the effects the power-ups give are pretty good and add to the enjoyment of the games nicely.

Cube Blast Match is controlled by the joy-cons or you can play using the touchscreen controls. Both work equally well. So it’s really down to a personal choice which you prefer to use.

Cube Blast Match LadiesGamers
Remove the metal cubes.


Cube Blast Match is a nice take on the 3-match genre. While Match-3 games are not my favourite style of games I do like the ones that try to do something different from the norm. Cube Blast Match is one such game. While it won’t blow your socks off for having overly inventive gameplay, it is a fun little game to pick up and play.

Final Verdict: I Like It A Lot  I like it a lot

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