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Flight of the Bubble Review (IOS)

Game: Flight of the Bubble
Genre: 2D, arcade
System: iOS
Developer|Publisher: Play Eternal 
Age Rating: EU 3+ | US everyone
Price: Free with optional mictro transctions
Release Date: 13th May 2020

Waiting for the Train

Sometimes you have those days, those bad days in life where you feel your mental energy is totally drained. When you just want to de-stress with a good video game but you lack the energy to listen to a story or read lots of information. What you need is one of those games that requires very little effort. The kind that you can turn on for a couple of minutes whilst you wait for the train before having a good nap. The handheld platform is great for these quick fire arcade style games and since we all have smart phones now we all need that one game to bust out for a quick play session. But does Flight of the Bubble fit the bill? Let’s find out.

Between the Clouds

The premise is simple. You control a bubble with the virtual D pad or accelerometer and simply float between the clouds for as long as you possibly can until you touch something and pop. The controls are floaty (pun intended) which I guess makes sense since your a bubble. But I didn’t feel I had full control of the bubble. Often it would float into the D pad so I couldn’t even see it. This design seems deliberate though in order to deliver that ‘just one more go’ feeling but it felt more frustrating than fun. I relied totally on the virtual D pad as I simply could not get the accelerometer controls to work on my phone. But I am using an Iphone 5 which keeps shouting at me to replace it. But I’m poor so that ain’t happening for another 10 years. Sorry, back to the review.

Flight of the Bubble LadiesGamers.com
The bubble often drifted into my thumb

Score Grind

It’s a score grind game. The game tracks your score per attempt as well as a lifetime score for some reason. It then puts these scores into a leaderboard that you can keep track off. But sadly you can’t input your initials which makes it hard to compare scores if you decide to pass the game to a friend or family member to have a go. The score boards can be reset if you want to start from scratch. Handy if you have that annoying family member who gets a really high score that you just can’t beat.

Flight of the Bubble LadiesGamers.com
Sadly you can’t put initials on the leaderboard

No Bees just Bubbles

As you fly about you can collect coins which you can then exchange for new bubble colours and backgrounds. You also gain coins on a game-over, dependent on the score you managed to achieve. The graphics are very simple drawn colours with some interesting backgrounds. The Northern Lights one reminded me of my holiday in Iceland.

There are two music tracks, the one that plays endlessly while your playing the main game, which reminded me of ‘flight of the bubble bees,’ makes sense given the games title. The other track is the main menu music which sounds quite epic for a simple bubble game.

Flight of the Bubble LadiesGamers.com
Expect to see Game Over a lot

My Bubble Theory

My theory when playing this game is that you are a bubble blown by a small child from their window. This bubble has a special power to grant wishes and everyone who sees the bubble also gets to make a wish. So as the player the longer you last, the more people that can make a wish and therefore spread more joy. Feel free to update that into a future patch devs and I’ll take a latte as well please.

Flight of the Bubble LadiesGamers.com
wish apon a bubble

The M word

For reasons I don’t understand the game offers micro transactions, which you should only purchase if you want to support the developer, I guess. You really don’t need to spend money though as you collect coins really easily and unlocking cosmetics and new backgrounds can all be achieved without spending a penny.

Flight of the Bubble LadiesGamers.com
Micro transactions are unnecessary to progress

A Flight to Remember?

As far as quick fire games go. Flight of the Bubble is an absolutely fine quick fire arcade game to play for those short, less than two minute gaming bursts with challenging floaty controls. Its simple fun but doesn’t really offer you anything more than that. Not unless you take my story idea and make a wish while the bubble flies between the clouds.

The game is free and if your on a tight budget this is a easy time waster to keep you busy for a short spell. Will it replace other quick fire games? Well lets just say Crossy Road hasn’t been deleted off my phone just yet.

Final Verdict: I’m not sure

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