Otter Day Follow Up With Tri-Heart Interactive

The Otters Keep on Coming

During production of my Otter Day article (which you can find here) I reached out to Tri-Heart Interactive to ask them some Otter based questions. Since they’re very busy developers who are working hard and I clearly have no patience, I posted the Otter Day article before receiving a reply. So instead I decided it was the perfect opportunity to share their answers to my questions in a separate post.

Please enjoy.

Why do you like Otters so much?

We decided to make a game based on Otters as they were a great base to draw inspiration from when designing our characters! With thirteen species of otters to choose from, we could really base our character’s characteristics on what makes each species different!

Tri-Heart know their Otters well

What to expect from the Otterman Empire game?

The Otterman Empire aims to bridge the gap between shooters and party games, including multiple, highly dynamic objectives, full customization of otters and a sprawling galaxy of arenas.

The game is looking to be a lot of casual otter fun for the whole family

Your favourite otter species?

Our favourite has to be the sea otter, we love how cute they are to be honest.

Another win for the sea otter

Any other otter stuff you want to share?

A huge thank you to James for giving us the opportunity to answer these questions. Keep your eye out for The Otterman Empire coming soon to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC!

Otters plus video games equals win in my books

I want like to thank Kieran and Caroline from Tri-Heart Interactive for tacking time out their day to answer my questions. Be sure to come back here soon for further coverage on The Otterman Empire.





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