1. Thanks for the tips! Going to do MyNintendo account today. Will also install Miitomo on husband’s phone – that’ll be interesting! Will he find it captivating or annoying???

  2. I wish I had a phone that supported MiiTomo. A whole slew of people I know are already using it and doing strange and wonderful things and here I am all left out. Boo. Teaches me to buy a Windows phone circa 2013.

  3. Whoo, boy, Miitomo. I’m surprised about the amount of people who got it. I mean, you’d think that such a game would only be bought by dedicated Nintendo fans. Nope! I’ve seen loads of people on Twitter posting silly pictures of it on there.

    1. It’s the charm of Nintendo doing its thing, I’m sure of it. And that’s why going into such things on mobile is such s clever idea for Nintendo! It will bring people in who had forgotten all about ever owning a DS when they were young, or for their kids!

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