Friday’s Cup of coffee, wk 8

February is almost over already. Isn’t it strange how time seems to flow quicker once you get older? That’s what my husband remarked on when he turned 50 this week. Now I don’t know if it works the same in your country, but in the Netherlands turning 50 is a special moment. I guess it finds its origin in the bible, as it’s associated with seeing Abraham (for the man) or Sarah (for the woman). Anyway, images are made in their likeness and a lot of teasing is involved about old age, turning grey and losing youth. For us it meant taking a day off from work, treating ourselves to a cup of coffee with a yummy Chocolade Bol in Den Bosch (it’s chocolate covered puff pastry filled with whipped cream, the city of Den Bosch is famous for it) and going out to dinner at night. The diet can go overboard for a day!
I’ve brought a chocolade bol for you too, would you like one with your coffee or tea?

  • Anyway, today is an important day for Pokémon fans: The original Blue, Red and Yellow are downloadable in the eShop and there’s a special Nintendo Direct today dedicated to Pokémon news to kick off the celebrations for their 20th anniversary. The Direct was aired this afternoon, telling us what had already leaked before: Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released late 2016. The Direct was a bit underwhelming, only 2 minutes long. But for me, it showed the fun of Pokémon over the years, enjoyed best with your friends, to perfection. You can check it out here:
  • Bravely Second releases today in the European eShop, and if you’ve played the demo you’ll have till March 10 to buy Bravely Second at a reduction of 10%. Nice gesture on Square Enix’s part, I think! Plus you can move your experience over too of course, which is an extra bonus. Have you already picked up the game? It’s getting rave reviews all over, so I guess it’s well worth the money! Bravely Second, discount, March 10, demo version
  • Finally, finally! Yokai Watch will be released in Europe, that took them long enough, right? It’s been ages since the game has been out in America and Australia, and now the European fans will finally be able to play the game on April 29. This will hopefully mean that all toys and medals will appear in shops too!yokai watch, european box art, release UK, level 5
  • When I’m on the lookout for gaming news all week, news for Nintendo is easy enough. There are numerous websites and fan blogs that will tell us all there is to know, but somehow I’ve had a harder time finding news for the PS Vita. The big websites that specialise in Sony news always have a lot to tell about the PS4, but hardly anything about the Vita. It was a pleasant surprise to find The Vita Lounge through one of my readers, and on there I’ve found something even better: the Vita Lounge Magazine! You can download it to read the latest news, and if you decide to sponsor them, you can even get a printed copy delivered to your door.Vita lounge, magazine, reviews, previews, Vita Lounge Net
  • A little app that caught my eye in the iOS store is Cinemoji. Now we all know the emoji’s that can spice up your messages to friends and family. But now they’ve found a new use for them: using them to describe a movie, video game or tv-show for a friend and having them guess the title. I’ve downloaded it, I think it will be fun to play with my daughter. Look at the example given, nothing deep or robust, but I think a nice way to play with friends and family.Cinemoji, iOS, app store, mobile game

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, and uhhh, did you like the Chocolade Bol?


      1. I loved Bravely Default and most certainly completed it. The game isn’t for everyone though, as it gets repetitive later on.

        Given the choice I wish that Fire Emblem would have come to Europe first. Strategy RPGs are my fave genre of games and I like how your troops form relationships with each other.

        1. Why I didn’t manage to complete Bravely Default was the way you just kept stumbling over enemies every way you turned. And I hadn’t found any shortcuts yet. But maybe I’ll get back into it. Bravely Second gets such high scores!

  1. Happy birthday to your husband! Ah, watched that direct just an hour ago, kind of disappointing it wasn’t a reveal trailer. Oh well, at least it’s SOMETHING. Goodness, I want to get Cinemoji for a while. It looks like so much fun!

    1. It does. Pretty difficult too, to be honest. I just had to ‘do’ Star Trek Next Generation. Can you think what you’d use in Emoji? I used ‍‍‍ I wonder if my friend will guess what it is?

  2. Happy Birthday for your husband.
    I loved Bravely Default, one of the better 3ds games.
    I bought Bravely Second today while I was out doing a last minute pre order of the 2ds Pikachu edition. In fact I think it will be a month or two before I can buy another game. I have bought 10 new ones for the collection, Bravely Second, Project x zone 2, Pokémon super mystery dungeon to name a few. I cant wait to dive into Bravely Second. I opened the case only a few minutes before reading your article. But I have to resist playing it and finish Yo Kai watch first! I ordered it from Australia because, at the time, a release date wasn’t in sight. I am kicking myself though. I had just bought the game from one shop and not half an hour later went into another shop that had the wonderful special edition sitting behind the counter for only £20 more! I have money on my 3ds waiting for midnight so I can get Pokémon blue… or red… still struggling to decide! 🙂
    Very happy to hear we are getting new Pokémon games later this year. Sun and Moon. I wonder if we will get a 3rd one? Maybe called Pokémon Equinox. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kimi!
      I think you are having the same problem that I’m having, a serious backlog of games. I had promised myself to play the ones I have first, as I’m trying to save some money, but I haven’t been very successful. There are a lot of games waiting for me, and some I haven’t given the attention they deserve.
      What others did you buy? Sometimes it’s indeed better to wait a bit, you would have had the special edition. On the other hand, you’ve probably had a lot of fun anticipation the game in your mailbox! Oh, and what do you think of Yokai Watch? A good game, but a bit of a pity that there’s no online trading and such, don’t you agree?

      1. I have a little problem with a backlog … ahem. I have nearly 150 3ds games. The same in ds games and between Gameboy GBC and the GBA about 300 more. I have barely completed maybe 20 games, and half of those are in the past year after my new years resolution to actually complete the games I have. I cant resist buying a 3ds game (the console I am most concentrating on) if it is cheap.
        The others I bought, Pac Man and ghostly adventure 2, Tetris, Shinobi, NCIS, Terarria Jewel Link twin pack ( it was £1 new, see cant resist a bargain like that!) and one I got in the mail, The Louvre. The Louvre I bought as it is hard to find, can be expensive and was under £3 posted to me from France. Its not a game, just a guide for the museum. But I have been keeping an eye out for one. The only English language one they had was a little over £100. I am happy with my French version. 🙂
        I had Bravely Second in my bag when I walked into the other game shop… so tempted to bus back to the other shop get my money back and dash back for the Special one. But space is becoming a real issue! 🙂 The amiibo I have seem to breed when I am not looking!
        I got Legend of Legacy last week with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Pokémon Rumble World. More fuel for the back log! Not sure if I need to start worrying about my growing addiction to buying games.

        I love Yo Kai watch. I couldn’t wait any longer for a UK release. And I am glad I have it now. I am nearly halfway through the medalium, I have a few rare yo kai befriended. Its fun. I would struggle to say it is better than Pokémon or Dragon quest monster or even Shin Megami Tensei. But it has its own special place. I hope the other games are released … even if it means I import again due to impatience.
        Online trade would be amazing! Would have been better to trade away some of the doubles I keep getting from the crank a kai! I think the ability is in the second game. The cartoon is funny too.

        1. Nah, no way, a problem with backlog, who would have guessed! As you can see you’re certainly not the only one, Britta who commented here has the same problem we have, lol.
          I must admit that I do sell some games that I will never play again, otherwise it would just be too costly. plus like you said, space can be a problem!

          1. I used to sell or trade my games. But I have kicked myself so many times, and the money or trade can be so low at times, I would rather keep them. Well I want to collect them, so at some point Barbie, Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, Spongebob and other delightful games will wander on to my shelves, but not unless so cheap they are practically free or they are the last games needed for the collection. There are so many great titles out there still to keep me going. I am buying a new bookcase next month to start filling that up, but after that I really have no more space for another one … though I could always nail a unit to the ceiling and put cling film across to keep the games on the shelves!

            1. Wonderful idea, to nail a unit to the ceiling and hold the games in place with cling film, lol. Because of my writing, I tend to buy games pretty soon after release. But almost always digital nowadays, so my days of selling games have almost come to a stop.

  3. Thanks for the choc bol, and wait till you turn 60!!! Haha 🙂
    Still playing BD. You can adjust encounter rates – Tactics -> Config -> Difficulty -> Encounter Rate – on a slider, from 0 to 100%. Very handy!
    Have just got the BS CE. Beautiful!
    So many great games coming out on 3DS right now.
    Kimi: so pleased there’s someone out there who’s got as big a backlog as me!! 😉

    1. Its good to meet others with the same passion… and the problems that come with it. 🙂 And with Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest and pokemon out later this year, to name only 6 games, the back log grows ever larger! It doesn’t help I got the Pikachu 2ds on Saturday and am reliving my youth, between breaks from Yo kai Watch!

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