Gaming News – 10th October

It’s time for Gaming News!  Tonight, Switch Sales hit a landmark in the Europe; we have a release for Cat Quest II, and information about the weeks eShop releases.

Nintendo Switch European Sales Hits 10,000,000 Units

Nintendo Switch European Sales are going through the roof!  According to Video Games Chronicle, “hardware sales in 2019 up almost 30% year-on-year, and more than 40% compared to 2017.”  In terms of software, more than 36 million units have been sold, system sellers such as Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyessy, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have topped a million sales.

Will Nintendo contemplate releasing a Switch Pro or Switch 2 while sales remain successful?

Cat Quest II Launches 24th October 

Fans of the Cat Quest franchise now have a solid release date for Cat Quest II: The Lupus Empire.  The announcement was made via a new trailer released today.  According to a past press release, Cat Quest II “tells the tale of two rivals, brought together against their will, on a journey of discovery.”

Cat Quest II is a “fast-paced open-world action RPG where you can play as either a cat or dog in a massive world filled with monsters, dungeons, and quests.”

Is Cat Quest II on your to get list?  Let us know in our comment section.

Killer Queen Black Hits Switch Tomorrow

Thanks to our friends at Stride PR, I’ve had a chance to play upcoming arcade brawler Killer Queen Black.   Killer Queen Black pits two teams (gold and blue) against each other.  Each team consists of three drones and one queen.  The game’s objective is to work as a team to defeat the opposing side.  Each match is a best of 5 wins, so the first team to achieve three victories overall wins.  That’s it!  So simple, players from all backgrounds can enjoy it.  I’ve enjoyed my time with the game so far.  It’s also important to note that it includes cross-platform online play.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming official review at

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is out tomorrow!  If you’ve been keeping an eye on site content this week, you would have noticed Paige’s review was published on Sunday.   You can read her full review by clicking here or watch her video review below.

And finally…

A whole number of new titles are either or will soon be made available to purchase via the Nintendo eShop.  This weeks eShop updates include the following titles:

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition – You are Geralt of Rivia, mercenary monster slayer. At your disposal is every tool of the trade: razor-sharp swords, lethal mixtures, stealthy crossbows and powerful combat magic. Before you stands a war-torn, monster-infested continent you can explore at will. Your current contract? Tracking down the Child of Prophecy, a living weapon that can alter the shape of the world. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition will be available on Oct. 15.
  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition – Join the fight for the future in the world of Overwatch, and choose your hero from a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers and oddities. Bend time, defy physics and unleash a dizzying array of extraordinary powers and weapons. Engage your enemies in iconic locations from around the globe in the ultimate team-based shooter*. Overwatch: Legendary Edition will be available on Oct. 15.
  • Little Town Hero – The story is set in an isolated village on the edge of the world. The only gate leading outside is heavily guarded by a castle, and the villagers are not allowed to leave. One day, a “Monster” appears in the village, shocking everyone because, until then, no one knew such creatures existed. The protagonist is able to fight it using a mysterious Red stone he found in the coalmines. In the course of his defense of the village, he gradually unravels secrets of how the stones and the monsters came to be… Little Town Hero will be available on Oct. 16.
  • Killer Queen Black – Fight for your hive in this strategic team platformer with three ways to win. Hop on the snail, hoard berries or wipe out the enemy’s queen to claim victory. Killer Queen Black will be available on Oct. 11.

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

” (Nintendo US PR – Euro Titles may differ)

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