Gaming News – 12th August

It’s time for gaming news! Tonight, we have news about two upcoming Sega Ages titles, a new Cooking Mama game, as well as the chance to become a Secret Agent.

Two Classics Being Added to Sega Ages Titles

Space Harrier and Puyo Puyo will soon be added to the range of Sega Ages titles on eShop. According to website Thumbsticks, Space Harrier will include ‘a new move called the Komaninu Barrier Attack’.  This new move consists of a ‘one-time barrier protective barrier’ for more casual players.  Puyo Puyo will consist of an Arcade Mode, online multiplayer, and online leader boards.

Both games will come to the eShop later this month.

Cooking Mama is Going Veggie

I (along with most of the internet it seems) missed the February press release concerning a new Cooking Mama title for Nintendo Switch. According to a deleted press release, the game will include a Vegetarian mode for ‘players who do not wish to prepare meals with meat.’

The press release also includes information about Key Blockchain elements within the game. I don’t understand the details, so I’ll paste the relevant link below for you to check out the info yourself.

I do wonder why Planet Digital decided to delete the original press release. If you have information as to why this action was taken, then let us know in the comments below.

Be a Secret Agent on Switch Later this Month

Secret Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise is coming to Switch (as well as PS4, Xbox One, and steam) on 29th August. An official press release describes the game as ‘A suave secret agent adventure game.’ Playing as Agent A, you must foil the evil Ruby La Rouge by collect objects and solving puzzles.

Will you take on the role of Agent A later this month?

New Green Joycons will be Exclusive to Bestbuy in the US

If you live in North America, you’ll be able to purchase brand new green Switch Joycons on 27th October. There’s no news concerning a European release, but if there’s any change, we’ll let you know.

That’s it from me. 🙂



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