Dragon Quest Builders 2 News and Update.

Square Enix  announced last week that Dragon Quest Builders 2 has sold 1.1 million copies worldwide. This figure is for both physical and digital sales on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Are you one of the 1.1 million who has bought a copy and are happily playing your way through the game?

If so, like myself, you will be delighted to know that Square Enix are also releasing a free update on the 20th August.

The update will include:

– Three Save data slots instead of just one.

– 4 new hairstyle that can be applied to your character via the dressing table, if you wanted a hairstyle like one of your villagers this update will give you that option.

– Weather Cards, by using Clear cards, Cloudy Card, Rain Card and finally Snow Card you can change the weather on the Isle of Awakening. This becomes available after completing all builder recipes and obtaining the Builder Eye and can be created using the Magic Workstation.

– Hero’s Flag, If your character holds the Hero’s Flag aloft and press the attack button All the NPC’s will follow your character not just the Soldiers. 

– An Epilogue, Once you have completed 45 Builder recipes, cleared all the Explorer Shores Islands and collected all the infinite materials and visited Buildertopia at least once a letter will appear in the post box in the dock and from there the epilogue will start. 

– Save up to Three Buildertopias.

This feature will unlock when a letter arrives in the postbox at the dock on the Isle of Awakening after the epilogue.

Other Updates included:

– Natural growth of vegetation can be turned on or off in the Settings Menu.

– The Number Of Rooms on an Island will now be shown on the menu screen.

– Builders eye cursor speed can now be chosen from Setting Screen and allows up to three movement speeds.

– Improved control stability and some bug fixes. 

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