Gaming News – 17th September

It’s time for Gaming News!  Tonight, we have news concerning new games, upcoming tournaments, and new accessories for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

First Three Dragon Quest Games Announced for Switch

If one major Dragon Quest game wasn’t enough, Square is also bringing the first three Dragon Quest titles to Nintendo Switch. These along with Dragon Quest XI S are due to launch on 27th September.

Official Wireless SNES Controllers Now on Sale

If you’re a serious Retrogamer and want a feeling of authenticity while playing SNES games on Switch, then you can now purchase Official Wireless SNES controllers from Nintendo. The controllers slightly differ from the original versions in that they’re wireless and include additional ZL and ZR buttons either side of the charging port. It’s important to note too that the controller is sold exclusively to Nintendo Online Members.

The controller costs £26.99 in the UK and $29.99 in the US.

Check your regions official Nintendo Online page for more details.

Nintendo America Announce Mario Kart 8 North American Open Tournament

Mario Kart 8 gamers will soon have the chance to put their skills to the test to try and win $25 in eShop credit. The North American Open starts this Sunday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET to 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET. The tournament will be a 150cc competition with normal items. Unsurprisingly, smart steering is switched off.
Nintendo Switch Online Membership is required to participate.


Super Kirby Clash Themed Tetris 99 Tournament Starts on Friday

Friday is a big day! Not only does it mark the release of the Switch Lite and Link’s Awakening, but A Super Kirby Clash tournament is coming to Tetris 99. As always, a new theme will be awarded to those that win 100 in-game points. There’s also the additional bonus prize of 99 Gem Apples for Super Kirby Clash players.

Switch Lite Accessories from Snakebyte

Are you planning to purchase a Nintendo Switch Lite this weekend?  If so, you require accessories and Snakebyte may have you covered.  In its latest press release, Snakebyte advertise its new Travel Kit Carry Case, Screen Shield Pro and Gaming Bumper Accessories.  The following info comes direct from the press release.


The CARRY:CASE™ for Nintendo Switch™ Lite is perfect for protecting your new console. Stylish, understated and replete in the three primary colors of the Nintendo Switch Lite range, the CARRY:CASE™ protects against dust and shocks and offers practical storage for the new console. In addition, a protective flap offers storage for up to eight game cards, keeping your gaming collection arranged and safe for on-the-go-gaming.


Travel Kit

The TRAVEL:KIT™ makes travelling with your Switch Lite a breeze. A selection of accessories designed for travel, the kit includes the protective CARRY:CASE, complete with safe and stylish protection for console and eight game cards, as well as a set of in-ear stereo headphones, a lengthy 1.8 metre USB charging cable for quick charging on the move, as well as a set of controller caps to protect the thumb sticks against wear and friction.

Screen Shield Pro

The SCREEN:SHIELD PRO™ is a must-have for all owners of the Nintendo Switch™ Lite. The 5.5 inch display is well protected against scratches via the 9H tempered glass protector. Various micro fibre cleaning cloths are included in the package to ensure dust-free application.

The Gaming Bumper

The GAMING:BUMPER™ offers precise protection for the Nintendo Switch™ Lite when in play. Snuggly fitting around the console, the robust cover perfectly housing the Switch Lite, offering cushioned protection against falls and impacts. All controls are left fully accessible, so play is not interrupted at any time.

That’s it for now.

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