Gaming News weekend 47: Animal Crossing!

There’s no going around it: this week was a week that brought us a bucket load of Animal Crossing news. And update for New Horizons, and update for Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing is one of the nominees in the Game Awards and more!

Game Awards Nominees 2020

This is our chance, dear readers! This year, not all nominees in the Game Awards 2020 are of the grim and dark kind. Animal Crossing has been nominated as Game of the Year, in Best Family game and in Best Multiplayer.

Aside from Animal Crossing, Spiritfarer stood out to me too in Games for Impact and in Best Indie. So join me and cast your votes. How cool would it be if cute, colourful and wholesome Animal Crossing won when we hear the results on December 10? You can find the site to vote here. 

Winter Update for Animal Crossing New Horizons is Here

I’m guessing your own update is already up and running in your game right now, as it was available from November 19 and it lands in your game automatically. But this update doesn’t just contain winter fun, it also adds to the gameplay. Let’s recap what is added and new in the game:

Unlock 9 New Reactions With Nook Miles
Head over to the Nook Stop Terminal inside of Resident Services to purchase the new Hip Reaction Collection item for 2,700 Nook Miles that unlocks all 9 brand new Reactions. They include Excited, Here You Go, Sit Down, Sniff Sniff, Ta-da, Take a Picture, Wave Goodbye, Work Out, and Yoga!

6 New Hairstyles With Nook Miles
Purchasing the new Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles item for 2,800 Nook Miles that unlocks the new hairstyles. bringing greater diversity and inclusivity.

Expand Your House Item Storage By 800 Slots
For the small amount of 500,000 Bells Tom Nook will be happy to dramatically expand your house’s item storage space bringing the total slots from 1,600 to 2,400 items! Be aware though that you have to have paid off all of your mortgage and the little crook wants the bells up front.

Visit Random Dream Islands With Luna
No need anymore to come equipped with a code, as you can now ask Luna to use a random code.

New Holiday Event: Turkey Day
Turkey Day will be held on November 26th for American Thanksgiving! During Turkey Day, Franklin will task you with collecting ingredients across your islands to help him cook some delicious dishes for the villagers.
Plus, this event brings with it eight brand new Turkey Day Set DIY Crafting Recipes, and three non-recipe Turkey Set items.

Christmas and New Years Eve goodies
Of course, December will see even more awesome goodies. From December 1 to the 25th a new set of Christmas Toy themed furniture items will become available to purchase at the upgraded Nook’s Cranny shop. Then there’s Christmas themed clothing in Able’s too, and on December 24 you can craft Christmas items with Jingle. And after Christmas, special New Years Eve items will be available in the game.

Good times ahead in New Horizons!

Want to Visit The Official Nintendo Island?

Would you like to see The Official Nintendo Animal Crossing New Horizons Island when you dream in your own game? You can now, by going to dream address DA-6382-1459-4417. Have you already been?

Time Travel in New Horizons is Being Limited

Since Resetti has been retired in the latest Animal Crossing game, there was no penalty anymore for time travel. Wanted to forge ahead and do Toy Day before anyone else did? You could. At the time of launch of New Horizons Nintendo already claimed that they wanted to put a stop to that. While harmless, it does spoil the surprise for many other players.

With the new update, Nintendo is enforcing the rule now for the first time. You will no longer be able to travel forward and experience an event ahead of time. As events are delivered with an online update your console will check the date with Nintendos server to make sure it is actually Turkey Day, Toy Day or whatever.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update

Aside from the New Horizons update, mobile game Pocket Camp got an update too!

With AR Camera, players will be able to choose a real-world spot and place their favourite Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp pals and furniture within the scene to snap a shot.

With AR Cabin, players are able to enter the same space as their animal pals and spend time with them face-to-face. Players design a Cabin with furniture and amenities of their choice, then invite up to eight different characters they love to join them. They can overlay the Cabin door anywhere in real life, “enter” the Cabin they created and explore inside their AR Cabin.

Animal Crossing Island Transfer Tool

When New Horizons was released, it caused quite some outrage when we heard that your Island would be tied to one Switch, and that each Switch could only hold one Island. And it turned out to be a huge hassle to start using a new Switch with your old island.

Now you can, with the Island Transfer Tool, available for free in the eShop. You can transfer your New Horizons Island to a new Nintendo Switch console. In order to begin the process, people must have both Nintendo Switch systems on-hand. Each one must also have the Island Transfer Tool already downloaded. Once you get the download started, you open the app on both devices and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the moving process. Want to follow a step by step guide? Nintendo of America shows you how it’s done, right here.

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