Giveaway Bug Academy game code

Every now and then we try to host a giveaway. And as Abbi gave Bug Academy our highest praise of Two Thumbs Up, I felt this was the one. (Check out her review here)

So, with the help of Ultimate Games, we now have three European Switch codes to give away. (you will need a European Switch account to be able to download the game!)

Want to enter the giveaway for a chance at a free game code?

You can do this by signing up to get our articles by email.
You can use the pop-up that will automatically appear on screen. Or the subscription button on the right side of your screen (or the very bottom of your screen when you are reading this on your mobile phone).

If you are already on the email list, you can just let me know if you want to take part too. Comment on this blog or message me on any of the social media to tell me so.

We have three European codes to give away, and this giveaway ends on Saturday 11 April 2020. Soon after we will publish the results on here, and I’ll get in touch with the lucky winners through email.

Good luck everyone!


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