Go Vacation – Animal Photo Book Guides – Nintendo Switch

Go Vacation was originally released on the Nintendo Wii in 2011, but in 2018 it was ported to the Nintendo Switch. You can find my review here.

One game activity is to take photos of all the different animals in each of the game’s four resorts. On my YouTube channel I have made videos for each resort, so I decided to share them here.

Marine Resort

The Marine resort is the first one you have in game, most of them are pretty easy to find. Except for the mermaid and a couple of sunset only ones.

Before making this I also made a video on the mermaid specifically. The only error being that you can actually take photos while in water, you just have to stop.


City Resort

The City Resort, has a fair amount of animals considering. Certain ones are easier to spot than others, when I was recording I had a really hard time finding the ducks. The ghost, and alien are also some of the more difficult photos to capture. As when I was recording I had to try about three times before I reached the alien in time.


Snow Resort

The Snow Resort has a few animals as well, most of them don’t frighten easily which is nice. The Yeti has to be found during the day but the weather needs to be cloudy which is just something random that happens when you load in.


Mountain Resort

Finally, the Mountain Resort. The Loch Ness also being tricky, as you have to take a photo from a particular spot in a long distance, and she doesn’t show for very long.


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