Kickstarter Littlewood: another sim game on the Switch horizon

As you know by now, we are always looking for new simulation games that might make it to the Nintendo Switch. Games that might scratch the itch for more simulation games in the console’s library. This time we feature another successful Kickstarter story: Littlewood.

A peaceful RPG with lots of work to do

The developers of Littlewood describe their game as “A Peaceful RPG”: You’re the hero that saved the world, you have defeated the Dark Wizard at the cost of your memory and the world of Solemn is now at peace. Now it’s time to for you to rebuild your town, master new hobbies, to befriend quirky townsfolk and get your memory back.

Littlewood is looking quite reminiscent of older top down look simulation games like Harvest Moon, I really like the top down view for this game. You will have lots of work to do to bring your town back to its glory days! When you arrive in town it is full of trees. Time to get to work with a trusty axe. Lots of wood is needed to make new building and furniture for your house or the town folks houses.

You’ll explore the vast world of Solemn, with Enchanted forests and bustling fishing towns to visit. Collect rare items and materials for selling and crafting. Do requests for the town folks and earn their heart and unlock new relationships paths. By making new friends with travellers and convince them to move into your town where you can chat and build a long lasting relationship with them.

All the sim elements will be there

The developers have promised a full cast of quirky characters. Lots of folk to chat to and complete quests that they have requested . Sell items in the Shopping District and become a better Merchant, making lots of Dewdrops, Littlewood’s form of currency. 

Of course, Cooking, Farming, Fishing Mining and Bug Catching are all to be included, looks like there will be lots to do!

Added to the more ‘ normal’ things to do, you can also become a Tarot master. Because when the Dark Wizard was defeated, they sealed away all of his monsters into Tarot Cards. Many Townsfolk collect and battle with these cards, and there is even a big competition held each year in Dirboros. This is interesting, imagine having card battles with all the town folk! 

What was the inspiration for Littlewood?

Sean Young based in Orlando Florida is the game developer. Here is what he has said about the games that influenced him to make Littlewood. My interest was perked by the first game he mentions of course:

Animal Crossing: “Anyone who has played Animal Crossing will tell you how relaxing and fun it is. I wanted to capture the satisfaction of customizing your home, hanging out with quirky townsfolk, and taking it easy by doing whatever you want day-to-day” 

Dark Cloud: “This is one of my favorite PS2 RPGs . The town building mechanics were top notch which have certainly influenced Littlewood’s Townsfolk request system. Your Townsfolk will often request that their houses have specific furniture, to be placed on a certain elevation, or to be near or far away from certain structures in your town. It ends up feeling like a unique puzzle mechanic, encouraging players to build their town in a way that satisfies everyone!”

Runescape (2007): “Who knew that grinding up skills could be so fun? I’m approaching the 10 hobbies in Littlewood similarly to how Runescape approaches skills. I love the idea of achieving level 99 in all of your hobbies, with each milestone granting you access to prestigious hats, trophies for your home, or even access to hidden areas. There are specific Townsfolk who are masters in their craft and can help you on your journey to becoming an expert in whatever you’d like!”

Littlewood was a successful Kickstarter

Littlewood has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter, with a total of 3,952 backers pledging $82,06. Well over the original goal of $1,500! Littlewood has a possible release date of May 2019 on Steam/PC/MAC/Linux. Also, all stretch goals have been met. The developers will be bringing more content to the game in the way of new buildings. ATown Beautification System and a Pet Store with Pet Adoption. 

What’s even more important to us here at Littlewood has been confirmed by Sean Young to be released on Nintendo Switch at a later date! Currently a Demo build is Available on, Windows, MAC and Linux. If you would like to know more about Littlewood, you can find it on Sean Young’s page.

Littlewood is looking very promising and you can be sure we will keep watch on it in the future!


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